5 things to watch for Arkansas-TCU

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We will soon see how well the coaches have prepared the hogs. W-L isn’t the main issue. If we can play hard and smart then let chips will fall where they may. Saw an article this week that the oline issues are fixable. AA will need a couple more seconds in order to get the ball to our receiving corps. RWIII gonna bust it open for his family and friends hopefully.

Matt-back in the day does not really matter right now. What is your take on the OL for this TCU game? What is your view of our running game if the OL shows up big? I say we win by 3 and the score in in the high thiries. HOGS YA’LL.

With humble apologies to Matt for having the temerity to offer a layman’s addendum to “The 5 Things To Watch For Arkansas - TCU”:

(1) TCU’s wide receivers

(2) TCU’s tight end

(3) TCU’s QB

(4) TCU’s backs catching passes in the flat or just beyond the line of scrimmage

(5) TCU’s wide receivers carrying the ball on end around runs

                             -------- one extra item ----------

(6) The possibility of The Hog players opting to wear sacks over their heads as they head for the bus following the game

I think it is good in the run game, still has some work it in the pass game. I’m interested to see if TCU can stop the run. Arkansas’ offense is much bigger.

As this week has progressed I have become less confident. As I think about it I just don’t have confidence in the Arkansas D to slow down a very high tempo, spread offense with a mobile QB. They do not tackle well enough IMO and give up too much YAC. The offense seems less than prolific and TCU will obviously put a lot in the box to stop the run and dare Ark to throw. Just don’t know about AA and his decision-making yet. I think TCU will win…maybe by more that 2 touchdowns…I am thinking like Booger’s pick - TCU 35-17

I have neither Matt Jones’ not “Mr, Booger’s” credentials; I have only a very suspect impression of the likelihood of the impending game developments. I believe that both opposing defenses will struggle. I look for the Hogs run game to be somewhat better than that of the Horned Frogs, - - and for TCU’s spread offensive proficiency to overshadow the Hogs’ passing game. I reluctantly, -albeit realistically - second Booger’s projection. I FERVENTLY pray that Booger and I are both proven wrong.