3-4 Defense Blitz package?

can someone tell if they see a blitz package? I hope they took notes from T-AM…

I think we will find out this weekend against SC how good we can blitz, i don’t believe they wanted to use it against the Mexico St and show their hand, at least that’s what I keep telling myself. WPS

Let’s hope

Coach Rhoads said in today’s press conference that he called NMSU’s QB “Mr. Clean Jeans” because he has hardly been touched all year because of the depth he gets in the shotgun and dropback and the quick release. That may have been why they didn’t blitz much this last weekend. May see more this coming week.

May be time for AA to operate out of the shotgun some to get more time to throw,take some heat off our O-line and better use our speedy receivers and big tight ends. We need to become more diversified until we build a O-line that can push the opposition around like CBB wants to play. WPS