29 for 31

The most impressive thing about the Texas win is making 29 free throws out of 31 chances in an unfamiliar setting. A few years back we beat Kentucky over there and we shot 14 for 14 (or something like that). Other than that, I have a hard time remembering a Razorback team shooting a higher percentage. If we can keep this up, we can be a very tough team to beat in close games. It also encourages us to drive the ball to the hole in order to draw the foul rather than force lower percentage shots from the outside. After watching Kentucky, we are going to need to shoot free throws the same way just to keep it interesting.

It was a huge road win for the Hogs. I believe the announcer hit the nail on the head. Texas showed more flash and style, but, Arkansas did all the little things good teams do to win. We are sitting in the mid 20s with the RPI rankings. Which is good for 4th in the SEC. A great job in scheduling solid mid-major teams to bolster our RPI rankings. And the Minnesota loss has, so far, proven to not be a bad loss. They are currently hovering around the top 10 in the RPI. If this team has a winning record in conference, they should make the NCAA tourney.

Went 14-16 or so tonight as well.

43 of 47 in the last two games. That’s 91.5 % from the free throw line. I guess we are now 7th. in the country at around 79% on the year. This is the kind of stat that gets wins. I just hope they can keep it up.

In tight officiated ball games our free throw shooting could be the deciding factor in many close played contests. We need every edge we can get to make a formidable run down the stretch. WPS