26 Wins!

I’m not counting us out against NC Sunday, but it’s already been a heck of a season. 26 wins is our second highest win total since 1994-95 and is second only to the 27 we won two years ago. It’s exciting to still be playing in the second half of March, and anyone who thinks Mike Anderson isn’t the man to thank is still delusional.

Looking forward to 27!

Anybody (like a certain caller to a local radio show) who thinks we’re just lucky in winning all of these close games doesn’t know what a real coach looks like. Look it up in a dictionary and you’ll see CMA’s picture.

The trolls won’t be arouns after a win!
CMA is the coach and even a better man!
We have a good team not a great team. If they play good on Sunday we can beat North Carolina. First you have to believe!
Go hogs. Number 27 is within reach

i give us a puncher’s chance vs UNC, especially if we can play like we did in first half vs KY at Rupp when Barford was the best player on floor until his bogus flagrant foul. need to get hot early from deep, dont think UNC will let us come back from behind like we have done many times this year. i think we will have a good showing vs UNC, win or loss. im proud of this team for the season we’ve had, but our guys still look hungry to me. go hogs wps

http://www.app.com/story/sports/college … /99007890/

Nice superlatives regarding recent Big East tournament game between Seton Hall and #1 ranked Villanova (55-53 Villanova 2 pt. win) so SH was really playing at a very high level including today. Kudos to the Hogs winning #26! They also played at a very high level!

Based on today’s showing, I have to believe the Hogs can give Carolina all they can handle. Since we will not contain their point guard(s), maybe we force Carolina to work for their points the entire game as several gimme baskets at any point of the game could cause Hogs to fall behind by double digits or prevent enough momentum to swing a victory for the Hogs. I cannot see us go 2-3 zone for a whole game but would love to limit NC’s fast-break points as much as possible as well as easy looks on the interior if our smalls switch to their bigs. Very proud of them today and would be equally on Sunday win or lose. wps!!!