24 commits!!! Anymore?

We have 24 commits which look decent but not great compared to other teams in SEC. Will we get any other commits?

I suppose they’ll hold the last one available for a someone who was cut off at another university, give it to Hayden Henry (who is blue shirt ATM), or later to a target who has borderline grades.
I don’t know what the team total scholarship count is now. I lost track with recent transfers. Seems they’ll have some schollies available for a walk on or two.

You must don’t watch film, those secondary kids we sign are second to none… smh

ESPN, which is our best ranking, has Hogs 9th out of 14 teams. If I calculate this right, that places the Hogs in the bottom half of the SEC. It will take a lot of coaching to make up that much difference.

We landed 3 of the ESPN top 300. We signed like 7-8 four stars. And we addressed every major need. This is CBB’s best class since 2013. And since the states of Kentucky, Missouri, and Arkansas are considered 4th tier and bottom of the barrel in the SEC, I would say that this class was a resounding success! WPS