2017 Hogs 3 Cupcake Schedule

Hogs win 6 out of 12 FB games and it’s off to another Bowl. They win against the 3 Cupcakes they have scheduled and just … ( JUST 3 out of 8 Conference Games ). That’s just a 37.5 per cent win ratio in their Conference. In any College’s Course Schedule, that’s a major failing grade.

The 2018 Hog FB Schedule shows 3 Cupcakes scheduled and a weaker Conference Schedule than this year.

I agree with those that say, "If Coach B and Jeff Long can survive this year and win 6 or 7 games next year, these two will be around for years.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hogs win 6 this year and get a Bowl Game, that Jeff Long and the Trustee’s renegotiate Coach B’s Contract and give him an even higher Buy Out.

When the chant becomes: “Just 6, just win 6 and we can celebrate”. then we’ve set our goals so low that we become mediocre and other teams will start putting the Hogs in the Cupcake category.

Would it make you feel better if CBB stays, and he will certainly make the Hogs one of a “cupcakes” themselves?

Since CBB has been here, any game that we’ve played and are behind at halftime we’ve lost. CBB’s record in this category is
0 and 16. He’s been here for 5 seasons and the party line is CBB is rebuilding. Heck, every coach is rebuilding every year.
So why make excuses for him. CBB came to Arkansas and stated his idea of football was smash mouth football. that worked
for him at Wisconsin, but in the SEC ?

South Carolina embarrassed the Hogs 48-22 Saturday, with Alabama and Auburn still to go. In Year 2 of Will Muschamp’s own
rebuild, his Gamecocks scored 40-plus points (a first for any Muschamp team since 2012) and held the Hogs to 106 yards rushing.
For five years, Bielema has touted that — eventually — Arkansas would win games with stellar defense and a powerful, run-based,
clock-controlling offense.

Since Bobby Petrino took the Hogs to a Sugar Bowl and then crashed a motorcycle with his lover/subordinate on board, Arkansas has been an afterthought in the SEC:

Bielema is now 27-29 at Arkansas. He’s 10-24 in league play and 7-18 vs. the SEC West.
The Hogs have a winning record against only two other league programs since Bielema was hired: Ole Miss (3-1) and Tennessee (1-0).
Since Bielema was hired, the Hogs have lost nine games by 20 or more points. Only Kentucky (11) and Vanderbilt (13) have more losses
by 20-plus.

So the BIG QUESTIONS are, why is he still coach and did Jeff Long lose his mind when he agreed to a 18 million buyout … now down to 15 million.

If you’re an Arkansas fan, what IS the highlight of Bret Bielema’s time?

Shutting out LSU and Ole Miss in back-to-back wins by a combined score of 47-0 in 2014? (The Hogs would lose to Missouri the next week.)
The “erotic” kneel to end a Texas Bowl win over the University of Texas? (That Longhorns team finished 6-7.)
Finally beating Gus Malzahn in 2015, the coach some Arkansas fans blame for fracturing their fan base during the Houston Nutt saga? (Bielema is 1-3 vs. Auburn.)

The real answer here is Arkansas has become a cupcake. Those 3 cupcake games next year don’t just count them as a win! The hogs are the cupcakes being served the other 9 games to the SEC.
Easier schedule. I doubt it. We still play in the SEC west and Vandy and Missouri may beat the hogs as well!
I hope to see improvement this year and this team win which is highly unlikely.