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Some occurances are known as a dose of reality

Doses of reality can be devastating to a W - L record and to a national ranking.

“Wins” and “losses” are rather like the old adage about “beauty”; “beauty’s only skin deep - - - but ugly goes clear to the bone”. An ugly win is still a win; - - - but it’s also still ugly, and nobody gives style points for ugliness.

TCU is favored by what 7.5 points or so ? I say we win another one close with the defense stepping up a little more and the OL playing a little better. I say the score within 3 in the high to low thirties-but a win. HOGS YA’LL.

This coming Saturday’s game may very well come down to whether or not TCU can score almost every time they have the ball - and whether or not Arkansas can answer with a matching score on each and every one of the Hogs’ possessions. I don’t look for either time of possession or for defensive scheme effectiveness to constitute much of a factor in shaping the outcome of this predetermined offensive struggle. The final result could very conceivably depend upon whichever team has the final ball possession opportunity - - with neither defense evidencing the ability to stop the opposing offense. I don’t think I need to tell you whom that scenario would likely favor in such a pitched offensive show.

I have to admit the first game was depressing to me. First game jitters and such aside, we did not play well. But neither did TCU. So I would not be surprised if we lose or win by 21. This is one game I would pass on the betting.