2 years too late. Are FANS ready to WIN now?

Told you guys he would run our program in the ground. What do you expect from a guy who loses to Rutgers(twice) loses to Toledo and Texas Tech? It could only get worse and it did. He’s never had a record of even .500 here at Arkansas. Give him 5 more years lol

Don’t mind your opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own facts. He was 26-26 going into this very disappointing loss to TCU.

Sometimes I wonder. Everyone is ready to win and wants to win. I’d say the Motorcycle cycle guy shares part of this record you are talking about. I wonder if you would want your kid to play for Motorcycle guy? There’s life after football and if your son didn’t go to class then where where he end up.
Integrity and setting an example are part of being a football coach. He failed miserably off the field and lied when he got caught.
Nope I don’t want to win with Motorcycle guy or anyone like him.
There’s winning that happens in life. I want my kids and grandkids to know the difference between right and wrong and I will set a positive example for them to follow. Sometimes the final score doesn’t show the complete picture.

Yes, because before he got here we were tearing up the college football world.

You ever watch a Bobby Petrino team? Sure made me excited about the future.

If I was AD, I’d get all the top boosters together and ask them if their ready to finally be a contender?

Then I’d go give Chip Kelly 5 years/45 Million.

Seem like too much? It’ll be a discount by Year 3

So two years equates a perennial power? Look, I’m not happy with what happened anymore than any other fan, but throwing out ridiculous claims isn’t going to help the situation.

So our boosters up till this point haven’t wanted us to be a contender? And giving Chip Kelly 9 million a year doesn’t guarantee we’ll be a contender by year 3.

You’re the one throwing out ridiculous stuff. No where in his two sentence statement did he say anything about a perennial power. He just stated he was excited about the future. I got a question for you? Do you think anyone is excited about the future right now…based on what we have seen consistently over the last 5 years? A 26-27 won loss record just doesn’t do it for me.

I understand it’s sometimes hard to grasp sarcasm with the written word, but that was sarcasm.

I’m sure most people aren’t hopeful at the moment, but that’s no excuse to make a ridiculous claim that Bielema some how created our downfall. We were already in the dumps when he got here. And that was my original point.

Sure doesn’t read like any sarcasm I have ever seen. But okay. Let’s take your “already in the dumps” when he got here statement. One year really doesn’t make it the dumps, just like 2 years doesn’t make a perennial power, and that was mainly because they kept a piss poor “caretaker” to run the program in JLS. Given all that, there is absolutely no way you can legitimately blame anyone but the coaches we have now for our current state of affairs. He has had 5 years here to right the ship, but it hasn’t happened. At this point, I would almost take HDN back and that is true desperation…lol(that was sarcasm).

That’s debatable. Until the end of last year, most people thought we were on the right track of smoothing things out, but 3 loses and a lot of people are ready to run Bielema out of town. And if you don’t think the JLS year didn’t put the program in the dumps, then look at the 2 years after that year with the beginning of the rebuild. Bielema’s fixed a lot of things and yes, the wins aren’t coming as fast as we would like, but my original point still stands.

Ridiculous claims? Who had a ridiculous claim?

…I was stating facts. I don’t know that we were going to be a perennial power, but we were a hell of a lot closer to that than CBB has even been to a 10 win season.