Zone vs Angle blocking

Have you guys noticed the subtle change away from zone blocking? In the bowl games it seems I have noticed more angle blocking? I know it takes a ton of time to develop a feel for the o line and zone blocking. Do you think the 20 hour practice rule is making it harder for teams to implement? Should Ark make a scheme change? I kinda think that’s what takes o line so long to gel?

Look at the number of offensive linemen on the 2016 Razorbacks from 2012-13 recruiting classes, and you have your answer about the line’s recent problems.

Don’t know what “taking so long to gel” is supposed to mean. Cannot manufacture what you didn’t recruit.

One thing I noticed watching a ton of football. Our running plays are very slow developing. Lots of pulling and some traps. In watching all these spread teams I still some pulling and traps but I also see a bunch of straight ahead blocking, quick hitting, double teams, sorta lets wedge a path for the running back and let him find a hole. Auburn does this a lot. Seems in the red zone this works great, especially short yardage stuff. Just seems we take a long time at times for our running plays to develop. Now when it’s working it’s awesome, but when you’re facing a bama or LSU defense with all that speed and run blitzes, well seems we get a bit clogged up. I wish we would spread the field a bit more to try and take a defender out of the box. Vt per their coach put 8 guys in the box and dared us to pass. We did in first half. Second half they did same thing but started bringing zone and corner blitzes which we couldn’t pick up. Wish we had tried a quick short passing game w 3 or 4 receivers but we got stubborn and conservative. Throw a fumble and 3 interceptions in there and failure to adjust and we panic then lose.