Zone offense

I like Mike. And I rarely criticize. But we have to change our zone offense. Either get someone that can actually hit a high post jumper in that spot (maybe Barford?)…or alter the offense. But its killing us that we attack the weak spot in zones at the high post with a player that is not a threat to score.

We had somebody who could hit the high post jumper. Mike just kicked him off the team. Which is not to say that Thomas should still be around, but others have to step up in his place.

The good news, I think, is that Macon is quite likely to go off against the Wallets after his poor shooting tonight

Bailey did make one shot from roughly the same spot on the floor where Thomas had been making baskets. He’s also more athletic than Thomas, so if he can hit that shot occasionally I think it’s overall a positive. Gabe is going to have to step up a bit, as Cook just does not bring much to the table right now as a reserve four. One intriguing thing very late in the game was bringing Thompson in alongside Gafford, which worked well. I think if the foul situation allows it there will be more of that in the games to come, but probably for brief stretches.

Cook had a very nice outing of 20 minutes against Auburn just two games ago.

Cook does 1 thing well, he can switch onto a guard and does a nice job of moving his feet on defense. Other than that he doesn’t do much especially on the offensive end. He has no lift and has a slow set shot on offense. To his credit he knows his role and doesn’t force anything. He is averaging 1.7 pts for a reason.

Yep, Cook had probably his best game of the year against Auburn. If we play another team that lacks height he might have another good game in extended minutes. But he does not play well against most team’s fours and fives. Part of that is he’s just not quite big or athletic enough, and part of it is that he just does not have much game on offense.

He always plays hard, and he is going to keep getting more minutes because of Thomas’ departure, but I just see him as being behind Bailey on athletic ability/production and Gabe on athletic ability/ potential to play better the rest of this year. Cook does have the ability to do some of the little things well, and we all know that role players in MA’s system tend to have their minutes fluctuate from game to game, so if Gabe and/or Adrio falter, he might well get a chance to fill that need.