Zombie runners

I have watched so little MLB in the last two seasons that I’d never seen an extra-inning game with the runner starting the 10th on second base until today. Saw online that Houston and New York were going extras and turned it on. Houston didn’t score, New York got a 3-run bomb from Aaron Judge to win 6-3.

After yesterday’s no hitter, the Yanks didn’t get a hit today until the 7th, so they had 17.1 consecutive hitless innings going back to Friday night. Two homers forced extras, and then Judge walked it off.

Weird, isn’t it?

thats baseball! :sunglasses:

Gotta admit I don’t watch MLB much anymore, I check the standings, boxes and stats to sorta stay in the loop. I do not know the players, when I was a kid I could name 90% of the players and what they were hitting / pitching. I can still name the old Cardinals lineup but not the current one, ha.

For some reason I thought they had shelved that runner on 2nd in Xtras. Hallucinating again…

It is plain goofy.

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