Just now seeing ZZ is recovering from knee surgery. I never saw a report about injury. I try to read most articles. When did it happen? Musta been in practice, I have not seen him play in a game. Is it possible he will be recovered in time for spring practice?

Sam seldom mentions injuries or surgeries. It had been reported earlier that he was not practicing and was injured. Guess there was a injury against UAPB.

Related question: Is J D White injured or just not playing?

Just not playing.

Thanks, Clay. If he was injured preseason and never really recovered, too bad he didn’t have surgery sooner. Guess they were hoping it would heal without surgery.
I thought J.D. White would be in the rotation at WR for sure…he looked pretty decent last year at times.

He played in the game against Arkansas Pine-Bluff, and that’s where he was injured.

Tore his ACL in the UAPB game
Had repair on the 15th


Thanks. Probably out through spring :confounded:

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