Zimmerman went on and on

About how Black baits our opponents into making mistakes.

He made these statements before halftime.

Obviously, Zimmerman was wrong.

Black’s antics fueled Vandy’s complete domination of the 2nd half imo.

Black needs to be reeled in. Every time there is a skirmish, he’s right in the middle of it.


Kamani more than Black

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I disagree. Might be wrong, but black and Kamani seem like the only ones to stop us getting bullied and punch back. They’ve turned momentum in our favor and I haven’t seen anyone else on the team do that this year. Regardless, our problems are much bigger than any of this gamesmanship or the technicals today. We don’t have a decent offense or defense. I’m fine to bench Kamani and Black the rest of the year if you want, just find someone who can make shots and stop the other team from going straight to the basket

Also say what you want about antics and skirmishes and arttitude. I just have to remind everyone about AB and Kamanis performance in Maui, especially Kamani in the San Diego St game. Just please find someone, anyone else with half that passion and a single winning highlight reel to replace these two guys with if your casting then to the bench

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