Zimmerman on the radio

Listening to the hogs play basketball on the radio has been great entertainment for me for 25 years. The new radio announcer has a voice that does not sound good on the radio. He seems to be more fond of the players on our opposing teams. His hyper-criticisms of the hogs reminds me of most television announcers that lack respect for the Razorbacks.

Check this out.

http://www.aseaofblue.com/2017/3/12/148 … an-warmups

Apparently he was messing with Monk during warmups. Don’t know how legit this is since it’s from a Kentucky guy.

Do you even know who Zimmerman is?

This staff has known Monk since Jr High. This is about clicks and trying make something out of nothing.

The Tucker guy said some dude (Zimmerman). Anytime a writer refers to someone as a dude they lose me. I’m sure Matt said all of this is in joking manner.

Are you serious? Do you even have the slightest clue? Coach Z is hilarious, he has known/coached these kids for awhile… :lol:

Porque knows!

He’s great on radio

Not the norm

And funny

Much ado about nothing! Just another reason to slam Arkansas.