Zimm wants to win the tourney

I love me some Zimm. In his podcast with Quinn he went off on how, despite some people not wanting to win the SEC tourney in basketball OR baseball, that he always wants to win BOTH.

Me freaking too. There is a trophy out there Hogs. Let’s go win it. 4 in a row.

We need the games anyway to increase experience with everyone playing together, now that Nick is healthy.

One at a time though. Let’s shut up Auburn and the blowhard coach Bruce Pearl.

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I agree. Let’s go win this thing and get some momentum going into next week plus improve seeding to maybe a 7. Sure would be nice to play a 10 seed and then a 2 in the second round.

That is funny, we don’t want no stinking trophy , unless it is LSU, Tam or Mizzou in football.