Zim on today's exhibition

Coach better be all over them. This team has too much talent to let a D2 school hang with them and almost beat them.

I think Muss got pretty much what he wanted out of this. They got showed that they are not as hot as they think they are and they better take coaching. He will have no trouble getting their attention now. It was close and should not have been, but they did make a big comeback and win although their late “lead game” was not good. You want a layup out of that and they took wild 3s. That will be explained where even I can understand. There were far too many missed free throws. You just cannot miss those. Simple as that.

The next few practices will be very interesting and I bet, not for the faint of heart.


We played about 6.5 minutes of solid basketball. With 8 minutes left in the game
we were down 14.

Then Devo and Lykes took over. They both were demons on defense and caused multiple turnovers. They got our pace going and we looked very good. Those 2 seemed to either or assist or score on nearly every basket in that 20-4 run.

Then, with us up 4 and about 2 minutes left, Muss called for his delay offense with 1 player holding the ball up top. First was Lykes, but we didn’t score. Next time it was Notae, but we didn’t score. Slowing the pace down was probably why we didn’t win by 10.

I know why Muss did it, and he was right in doing it. We all know why he did because he will use thatin SEC play and he needs to find the guy he thinks will do the best job. I think it will probably end up being Lykes.

I’m still glad I drove up here. I got to see how we may look this season for 6 or 7 minutes. And we looked really good for those few minutes.


My word. Been traveling all day I cannot believe we almost got beat by D2 School… I am stunned. We obviously have a lot more work than I thought we did.

From the “highlights” I viewed, there was an astonishing amount of one on one ball on offense. Little to no ball movement.
Was this generally the case all game?

Well, Zim is profiling the game’s summary and in the background the Hogs are in a shoot-around… I bet the practice continued for a long time. Muss will make amends and adjustments, but we all know there will be growing pains in the first third of the season.

A couple of points I saw regarding your question. The first half and the first 10 minutes of the 2nd half the offense did border on “awful”. I think a lot of that was the new players overthinking the offense that Muss is trying to implement. All the new transfers were a bit lost at times and the plays broke down.

You could see the team’s potential in the last 8 minutes or so of the game (minus the last 1.5 minutes, when Muss slowed the offense down). When Muss installed the 3/4 court press, turned up the defense, and let the team play with great pace, they dominated their opponents. Once the entire team gets comfortable with his offensive sets to the point they can play with the pace he wants, they will look much better on offense.

From what I saw in that short stretch, I believe Chris Lykes is going to be a stud on this team. We need to remember it’s been a solid year since Chris has played an actual game against an opponent. He missed nearly the entire last season at Miami with an injury. Considering that, he looked very good in those last 8 or so minutes.

It may take a few games for this team to gel as a unit. There is an abundance of talent.


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