Zhaire Smith

Will visit Arkansas for the Georgia game on Saturday.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … h-thurman/

Do you anticipate an offer?

I was thinking it might happen when Anderson and Scotty attended his game so not sure. His dad will be coming with him.

Watched all his highlights. Very bouncy and it appears he handles the ball well at 6’5.

IMO we need another PG next year, but this kid looks good. Would add to an already ridiculous class in terms of athleticism.

That would give us a 6’5 190 lb athletic wing named Garland and a 6’5 190 lb athletic wing from Garland. We would be in very good shape if either of them got hurt.

Oh wow! I hate to think that in judging depth and refer to how overcome an injury.
Let’s home that we can avoid even discussing the injury issue until it happens.
This young simple would add size to our team. Slowly we are strong size.
Do we just have one scholarship left to offer?

Yes, numerically they have just one scholarship left to offer barring any changes

Is that an official or unofficial visit?

That was a tongue in cheek comment Army Hog Sir. In reading the articles on Zhaire, he sounds to me like a clone of Khalil Garland. Kind of ironic that he is even from a place called Garland, eh?

Have to admit, pretty cheeky there eagle.

As for the comparison, I haven’t seen either play, but I’ve seen a lot of people discussing them (of course some know more than others :wink: ). From what I’ve seen, Garland is a better ball handler. Both will help.

I’m just happy to see the talent level going up with all of young men coming in! The added length will make a difference on the defensive end of the floor.
I do have a question. Glasper the freshmen that got hurt. Is he a point guard?