Zhaire Smith update

Wing Zhaire Smith said he’ll officially visit Ga. Tech after his April 7th trip to Texas Tech.

FWIW, Smith, 6-5, 190, of Garland (Texas) Lakeview Centennial said depending on how other visits go, he may take another unofficial visit Arkansas.

That doesn’t sound promising.

Just from the looks of what he’s doing, it seems like he’s looking for a spot that he can go to and play/start from day 1. Texas Tech is losing 6 seniors and Georgia Tech is losing 5 seniors. Plus neither one of them have any highly rated recruits coming in at his position. Both Arkansas and Texas bring back most of their players and have guys that are rated higher already signed at the position he plays.


Can’t blame him.
Does it say anything about his confidence as far as not wanting to come in and compete with the best? I guess the returning starters is a legit concern for someone wanting to play from day one.

He’s not the first one to look at a roster and think it’s probably best to go elsewhere.

Love his athleticism but would rather have another shootah, point or big.

He spent his own money to visit Fayetteville during the Georgia game. Wonder if he failed to do little homework studying our roster before he made the trip.

Unless your just a hardcore fan of a school or watched them play a few times, you really aren’t going to know the entire roster situation and your chances to play early, a visit would definitely let you see and interactive with the players in person and get a good view of what everyone can do and who’s coming back. Smith seemed to really cool on Arkansas after the visit, and we put it on Georgia pretty good that day, during that visit he probably seen then we got a lot of guys coming back and the team is pretty good.