Ze'vian Capers stock is skyrocketing

Ze’vian capers is doing work moving up the rankings fast. Hes taking visits to Tennessee, Auburn, and supposedly saying some favorable things about them. Do we know if hes actually considering during these visits or just living it up like Tykeast Crawford?


I doubt he signs with the hogs, personally. He seemed to commit out of nowhere and has been flirting nonstop with other schools since then.

I’d go as hard as I could after Darin Turner our of Memphis Incase he decides to bail, which I feel is inevitable.

I feel the same way, but I would have expected that time come swiftly on the heels of the Sout Carolina visit. Hoping some of the insiders have talked to the staff to get their feel for him

He pulled his pinned tweet on twitter, which was his commitment post.

Stepp posted about it being a bad day.

Writings on the wall I’d take a stab and say he has already decommitted, or told the coaches he was going to.

On top of a new offer out to a 2020 WR.

He’s gone.

Sucks, he will be a stud.

Auburn bound

Once the big boy$ come calling commitments are easily broken.

It seems the first one never sticks.

I have a gut feeling we will experience the sophomore slump in recruiting. (I know this is technically their 3rd… but not really, it’s their 2nd full blown class)

You take away capers and we have 1 four star, who is also not truly committed. You take him away, and while I like the recruits, without those two it’s not an impressive class so far.

I don’t think it’ll be rated higher than last year. They will struggle to get guys to buy in, unless, they show immediate signs and drastic signs of improvement


But this has the potential of being the best OL class we have had in a long time.

It does have the potential, but that’s also not hard to beat. As of right now, in my mind we don’t have any committed so, we better get to getting some and get the one we “have” to quit paying for trips to LSU.

I hope we get some good OL and LBers. I’m not that worried about WR, Stepp will get his guys.

A bowl game - any bowl - is very important

Hear, hear. I’ll be disappointed if we don’t get at least 6-6, yeah 7-5 is doable.

On recruiting…well “Mercy”…its waaaay early. The class may fill up late this year, it’s not going to fall just like last year. I’ll wait till after 1st week in Feb. to make judgement :sunglasses:

Given we are 1-15 in our last 16 SEC games I’m shocked they recruited as well as they did last season.

Going to have to show tangible progress on the field IMO to regain serious momentum.

At some point results on the field talk and hype walks. MUST show progress this season. Not only wins but more competitive in losses

Morris is trying to dig out of a dilapidated building.

I hope like all get out that he’s successful

Unfortunately he is most likely gone