Ze'Vian Capers OV

RD/DD any word on how his South Carolina OV went?

Can’t imagine it being bad. One that talks to him didn’t know about it.

The person thinks at the end of the day he’ll be a Hog.

The State quoted him as saying SC is at the top. Who knows with that guy…I think we’ll be very lucky to hang on to him.

What bothers me the most. In an article by a South Carolina writer, the writer quotes Capers saying he talks to the South Carolina Coaches almost every day.
Yes, Arkansas will have a hard time of holding on to Capers.

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I should have stated in my post, Capers talks on the phone almost every day with the South Carolina Coaches.

Here is another tweet is alarming.


Just the reality of today.

It’s recruiting, we seem to forget that we host players that are committed to other schools, as they say, “you recruit them until they sign”.

We could go back to the days of only recruiting players that other SEC teams didnt want

I have been an avid fan of football recruiting since the mid 1960s. So here is my take on committed recruits taken other visits, whether it be official visits or unofficial visits. You are not a solid commit when you are visiting other schools. I think a recruit should visit any and all schools they want too, but do your visiting before you commit.

Maybe I am old school, but this is the way I feel about recruits taking other visits when they are committed to a school.

It would be nice in a perfect world, but if you have twitter, there seems to be 1 or 2 each week decommitting from some SEC school, just part of it.