Zero respect for Arkansas by NCAA

Ok, maybe 25 percent.

Get mad Arkansas get real mad.

That’s means the entire bench and Trey.

If Trey is mad, we have a shot because we need him and bench playing hard.

We haven’t been to sweet sixteen in like twenty years so can’t blame NCAA for sending us to Canada, but doesn’t mean we have to be happy about it.

I think they put us in a pod where we have a real chance to advance, so I don’t mind Detroit at all (I can’t go anyway).

If we are mad and want it, sweet sixteen could be ours.

We just got totally disrespected. Totally.

That said, I love our draw. We could lose in round 1.

But we could go deep in this draw.

We need bench play. It can’t just be 4 players that can actually score the ball.