Zero Penalties for Hogs?

I was looking at espn stats from last night and it showed Hogs with zero penalties.

I am not sure if that is mistake in stats or actually happened. Any mention of this? Sorry if missed it.

That is correct.

Referees are feeling sorry for us.

Arkansas was penalized for pass interference on Nick Starkel’s 84-yard pick-6, but Alabama declined.

They replayed hat pick a couple of times and for the life of me I could not see where it was offensive PI. Unless they called him for rubbing the defended on a pick.

Not that it mattered.

Yes, that’s what they called, the rub play. He turned inside and bumped the guy. There were not many penalties called in the game, period. FYI, that was strange because it was the Marc Curles team and they generally throw their flags a lot.