Zai appears on NBA Draft Big Board

Bleacher Report’s NBA Draft Board has Isaiah Joe at #49. Gafford is #19.

I would expect Joe’s stock to continue to rise as long as he continues to stroke it for the rest of this season.
As for Daniel, obviously he will most likely get drafted in the 1st round, but perhaps not lottery type and at that point he will decide what he considers to be in his best interest.

Go Hogs!

Last year, Gafford’s stock continued to rise as the competition got better. This year his stock rose after the Indiana game. It took a step back after his close encounter with Bassey. Let’s see what happens rest of the year. I think there is a good chance he comes back if he doesn’t climb to a lottery pick position.

Sure would hate to lose both after this year. Would really love to have both back next year as well.

I highly doubt we have to worry about Joe leaving after 1 year. That’s just one mock draft board, and it has 26 freshman listed on it.

Also, I’m kinda questioning the credibility of that mock draft considering they have Charles Bassesy as #46 when other draft sites that are much more credible have him as a top 20 pick, Jon Rothstein just tweeted he’s suppose to have close to 20 NBA scouts at his next game. 20 scouts aren’t coming to see the #46 best prospect.

I would look at this as more of an honor or an award for joe rather than where he currently stands in the draft process. Just looking at it, and seeing how many freshman he has on it and how different his rankings are than other more credible sites, I think he did a thing of more of his opinion on who he likes, not based on speaking to actually scouts like other sites such as and draftexpress, which are the 2 most credible mock draft sites.

Bassey was the number one kid in his class before he reclassified or it was between him and the Barrett kid a Duke. Watch his draft stock sore.


Why would a player that highly thought of go to WKU?

Just screams $$$$$$.

Does it scream $$$ when Arkansas recruiting as well as they are in football coming off 2 - 10 year?

No. Not at all.

We are talking about Western KY. Not Kentucky, and a five star basketball
recruit. Had he gone to Michigan, Florida, or Louisville it would not be so suspicious.

Has WKU ever won a national championship in basketball? Nope.
Arkansas also has one in football.
Our head football coach has a track record of helping to greatly improve
teams at Tulsa, Clemson, and SMU.

Stansbury, on the other hand, has a very questionable past in basketball recruiting. He worked miracles at MSU and was super stunning at Texas A&M also.
Stunning as a snake in the grass.

Someone posted that they hired Bassey’s guardian for $200,000 a year.

Also I recall reading that Rick was recruiting him for the Aggies as an assistant.