Zags vs Bama

Ocean Scum ain’t playin’ no defense. Zags have almost 50 points in the paint and lead 88-80 with less than five minutes to go.

Jeff I know you can multitask…are watching the women’s game?

Nope, I’m watching the Zags and following the women’s live stats. Was just about to dial up Phil.

Looks like we’re beating them with defense. Sure not beating them at the foul line; we’re 6 of 14 at the line. But we’re up 10 and they have foul problems

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Zags play under control. The difference is turnovers and points off turnovers. Takes a solid, mature team to best the Zags.

And Bama gives up 100 to the Zags.

BTW, Jeff, Bryce Young and Will Anderson have decided to play their bowl game despite not being in the playoffs. This bucks the current trend.

I saw that, or actually my brother pointed it out to me. His question was did they pay those two a million or so to play? If either one blows out a knee, a la Matt Corral, it would cost them a lot more than a million.

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As bad as I hate to say this, I was really pulling for Bama to win. . . . Needed that for the SEC and for when we play Bama. . . .


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