Zack Plunkett??

Will he be back? Why didn’t we see him more this year?

You didn’t see him much because there was an All-SEC catcher in front of him and the other backup was a better receiver. Plunkett can really swing the bat and has a strong arm, but he was third-best at playing the position.

I’m not sure if he will be back. There is some thought that he could be converted to a pitcher and try his hand at pro ball now.

Plunkett will be back next season.

Asked this in another thread: Do you think he’ll convert to pitcher at Arkansas or return as catcher?

I think he will be a catcher.

OK, thanks.

Arkansas would be too thin at catcher next season if Plunkett played another position. From everything I can tell, the roster next season will include him and Casey Opitz, and possibly someone who can play the position in an emergency situation.

Could he possibly play 1st base?

Matt what about the catcher from Searcy that just graduated from IMG?

Andrew Stanley should be on campus in the fall, but I don’t see him competing with Opitz or Plunkett for playing time. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him redshirt.

A good backup is essential. I remember when Colby Suggs (a relief pitcher for those who have forgotten) was forced to catch during a game with South Carolina. Jake Wise started the game at catcher and was replaced by John Clay Reeves. Reeves got thrown out of the game and Suggs came out of the bull pen to catch.