Zack Plunkett?

Is Plunkett not playing due to injury or performance issues?

When he enrolled, I was under the impression he would be able to rest Kuch some (perhaps with Kuch DHing).

I have been wondering about this as well.

Last year, it was obvious that Koch wore down dramatically over the last month of the regular season. With the two new catchers, the story line was that we would be able to rest him occasionally to avoid that problem. But I only remember our other guys starting a couple of early midweek games. I believe Koch has started about 20 games in a row, and it appears to have taken a tool (although he played well today).

I’m not doubting his value to the pitching staff. But, do the coaches just not trust the other guys at all?

Opitz (true freshman) has played a bit. He has started a few games and has played in late innings of games several times. He has clearly beat out Plunkett as the primary backup.

Plunkett is considered a GREAT defensive catcher but sub par hitter. He has been on campus the last two falls and was a swing and miss guy in the scrimmages I watched. He has an amazing arm and is a good teammate and leader. But he is not the hitter that Koch or even Casey Opitz appears to be. Opitz is also very good on defense. His blocking skills are superior.

They are still taking all 3 catchers to road games (unusual).

It was mentioned at one time he was a pitcher too. However, he always has on catching gear when I see him.

With absolutely no disrespect intended, Clay, those comments are interesting . . . but off point. The issue is: as we turn into the second half of the season, will DVH ever play either of those guys (and it appears it would be Optiz) enough to provide Grant the periodic off-day he needs to avoid fading as he did last season? If not - why not?

Would you please ask Van Horn about that - specifically - the next opportunity you have?

Grant also needs to step about 5 to 6 inchs closer to the plate when he’s batting. It’s getting where the SEC pitchers throw on the outside of the plate and he can’t reach it! I agree we need Grant at the end of the season I hope Opitz gets to play in these midweek games a lot.

Opitz will start Tuesday. He will probably DH on Wednesday, too. Grant hasn’t wanted to take any days off. And, playing big RPI mid-week games, I’m sure they wanted Grant in the games. This week is different.