Zack Gregory is transferring

Should we be concerned with all these transfers?

Several players who we all thought would be starters next year are now going elsewhere.

I should have read your story first (before posting) but now I see that Gregory was a team captain. What is up?

I didn’t think any of the transfers would be starters next year.


That is good to know. I assumed a couple of the pitchers would be major players next year, and the catcher, and Gregory.

With Gregory he started all year and with all players leaving he would not have started?

Bohrofen taking over in the outfield?

I see a baseball portal party in our future. Iiiiiiiiiiiii like it!!!

I wasn’t really expecting Gregory to be back.

Gregory played a role in our success the past two years, but next year’s Left Fielder will be someone who drives in runs is my guess.

Elijah Trest has also entered the portal.

I’m not sure where Bohrofen will play. He could probably play all three outfield positions and he has some background at first base. There is some versatility there.

It seemed to me like all of the players who entered the portal had kind of hit their ceiling for Arkansas’ team. That doesn’t mean they won’t go elsewhere and play well, but they had all been given chances to play here and never really took that next step. It felt like some took a step back this year. Leach took a step forward as a hitter, but his defense still felt off relative to what we’re used to seeing from an Arkansas catcher. I’m sure transfers were going to be recruited at that position before he made his decision to leave. Varnado might have been a little bit of a surprise, but I’m guessing that was an instance where there was a different of opinion about how he would be used moving forward.

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Gregory sure took a lot of heat on this board for his lack of hitting. But his OB % was really high and he played a good LF. All the best to Zack.


He was a contributor but I bet DVH wants to increase offensive production from that position.

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This is it. He is a wonderful team player, great at getting HBP and walking, but the simple fact is you have got to be able to hit. Walking is nice, but hitting just above the Mendoza line for a season impacts your ability to win games.

He will be successful somewhere else and both teams will be the better for it.


He was a very capable sun fielder in Omaha. All the best to Zack.


Gregory always played his heart out for his teammates. Hopefully he will do well going forward with his new team.


What position does Wegner play Matt? Could he not be our center fielder??

I think he’s a corner outfielder. I see him potentially being like a Lanzilli.

Ok I wasn’t sure,knew he was a great hitter,just wasn’t sure about his outfield ability.I’m thinking we need a CF with more Bat than Bohro is going to provide,do you agree??

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Centerfield is a position that does not have to be your star hitter. That’s more for corner outfielders.