Zach zimos

This is Zimos’s third year and he is not listed on the 3 deep at LB. He was a 4 star recruit ( High School: Four-star prospect by Rivals … Rated as the No. 22 outside linebacker in the country). Has anybody seen him practice? Is he expected to contribute?

I listed him quite a bit in the depth charts I posted from practices. He is working in the secondary. He might contribute a little, but the back end of the defense is pretty crowded with solid players.

Thanks. I was referring mainly to the depth chart posted in the college football preview in yesterday’s Ar Dem-Gaz. By back end, you mean safety and/or nickle back? I thought he had been a LB.

And, I did not see any of your posted depth charts. Were they on this site? Are they still viewable?

Yes, there is a depth chart in a lot of the “Practice notes and observations” threads I started this month. He might not be in every one of them, but I know I listed him. He played one of the safety spots.

Not able to find your practice notes, but at this point I guess it doesn’t matter.

Scroll down 10, 20 posts, I just did real quick and found like 4 days worth

Here’s one from last week…this one from Dudley, but it has the “daily depth chart” in it as well:

Thanks, wizard…Bax ahead of Henry?? Must not be a whole lot of permanence in some depth charts.

Depth charts in camp are day to day. Sometimes a player might not be at practice and would not be in that day’s depth chart. Scottie posted these every day for almost 30 days. If you are reading the forum, you saw them. And, he did a three-deep, not a two deep.

We covered in spring when Zimos was moved from linebacker to the secondary. They play three safeties, often use one in run support, a linebacker who can run. He will be useful in Barry Odom’s scheme.

I was accessing the Forum about twice a week. I guess I wasn’t clicking on the right posts. I will try to be more diligent in the future. I read virtually every article in every day and sometimes just forget to click on the Forum.

OK Aging, you are on double secret probation for letting this slide past!

Just kidding.

Zimos may well be a contributor in Odom’s scheme. Those hybrid type players can usually help at more than one position.

Zimos must be exceptionally athletic for his size to be moved into a DB slot. With several senior LBs set to leave, he could easily be moved back there next year if needed, or be a real thumper as a safety. On kickoff or punt coverage maybe, with that size moving downfield, just imagine. I continue to be amazed at the depth the Razorbacks have acquired so quickly. Let’s see if it is effective.

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