Zach Williams' weight

April of last year Zach Williams said he was 264 and probably heading for 270+. This year I think it was Clay Henry who posted a pic of him looking like he had a single digit body fat at 275 (I remarked at the time it must be an old pic, because he didn’t look close to 275). Anyway, today’s article by Tom Murphy lists him at 255. Leaves me wondering how much he really weighs. Yeah, I’m probably a little anal about weights, but I am not the only one…size matters!

I can’t find it but I posted his weight in here and I’m pretty sure it was in the low 260s a month or two ago. With camp going on him being down 5-10 pounds isn’t unusual. The key is trying to maintain once it gets closer to the season and during the season.

They’re going six days a week now and will be four days during the season and then the game on Sat.

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I think he will play at 265 or so.

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That sounds like plenty for a 6’3" frame on a DE. I am sure they will have him at his best playing weight. 265 sounds good to me, but I have never seen the guy in person. Another reason I hope they have a “fan day” this year.

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