Zach Rogers finally gets his chance

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Great read Jimmy, just wondering why in year 5 Bret is still struggling putting an OL together.

There’s been a lot of moving parts in those 5 years and a lot of surprises. If you want to blame that on him then fine, but that’s the answer.

The staff as a whole has a problem keeping players motivated. It’s the same direct comparison of the way AA Carey’s himself. I don’t mean that to be negative but it’s obvious.
Sports should be fun. This team only has fun when they score. The energy and enthusiam needs to be present all the time.

The Oline catches grief on every play by announcers on TV, coaches and fans.
The staff needs to simply find a combination that will work and when possible get some guys some reps. But motivate them and stop calling those long developing plays that they know won’t work and adjust your play calling to help them as well as the QB.

I’m not placing blame, just wanted an insiders viewpoint.
Seems like his OL at Wisky was fine.

I disagree about staff motivation because the defense was not motivated by Robb Smith and his terrible scheme/adjustments. He is gone so now the Defense seems motivated but missing talent for ANY type of defense in some areas. I think KA took over an Oline that had mediocre talent in areas. We don’t have enough talent to hold any Oline player accountable with competition. We tried it appears but the replacement talent can’t hold up against P5 teams. I think KA tried to institute a sophisticated NFL blocking protocol too hard too early with mediocre talent. I also think we have some players that are not willing to change or learn the system. We have some players that just don’t seem to have it between the ears and that happens all the time in life.