Zach Rogers father tweets...

If you can’t block it doesn’t matter how big or tall you are. Apparently he isn’t fond of the combinations ole Kurt is using. And he is right, there ain’t much blocking going on.

Matt Jones also took Bielema to task on Twitter and noted his penchant for blaming others/ not taking responsibility. Also said flatly he is not the man for the job. A Razorback media type associated with another site said there were many former Razorbacks taking to social media to voice their displeasure with the state of the program.

Change is in the air and it will be here soon.

USC had 3 starters out yesterday and so did we. Our LT, RG, and RT are not SEC talent, not should they be starting in the sEC. I don’t blame him for being mad. It’s not working and ra obviousbyet they bring the same guys out every week. There is no earthly way Zach, Merrick, or Wallace could be worse than those three. They need to have a chance, and Anderson needs to walk, with Bret giving him his ride home while he’s on the way out.

Unbelievable how bad our OL really is.

Agree completely but when you mention the ones that don’t play moderators say, they were misses in recruiting, or they don’t earn PT in practice, or the guys ahead of them are better. They could have been overrated in recruiting but Bielema signed them. If our other guys perform better in practice than Wallace, Rogers and Merrick must be drinking water and not getting a shot. These guys we play make mental and physical mistakes all the time, it’s looks as if they aren’t coached at all. Can’t trust them in a game, that is BS, he plays guys he likes, there is more to this story. Anderson must go now, Bielema as well. I can’t believe our personnel is this poor, I blame development on the coaches.

Maybe we should hire Matt as our head coach since he’s a former player with an opinion that you think highly enough of to post. Yea let’s hire him!

Perhaps … I surely would not hire you though given when we’ve engaged in healthy debate I can’t recall you being proven correct a single time! :smiley:

While I do not know what Mr. Rogers tweeted, it is clear the issues with the offensive line system significantly demonstrates the problems with with BB’s program - the lack of adequate player development, the lack of successful roster management, the lack of high spirit energy, the lack of forceful effort, the lack of any in-game adjustments, the lack of real acceptance of responsibility for failures and the lack of team and staff leadership.

It is important that the student-athlete succeeds in the classroom and in society. But lets be honest, the football program & any athletic sport is not to lead the SEC in student-athlete Fullbright Scholars but to win games. While Razorback Nation does not want any program that is a win at any cost program like Ole Miss & Baylor, it want does want a consistent winning program whose off field success mirrors its on the field success. Simply, BB is not winning games which is one of his two PRIMARY responsibility. There has been zero development in building a competitive winning program.

In BB last six plus years as a HC at a Power Five Football program, he has only a 37% winning percentage vs Power Five schools. At Arkansas, BB is only 14-27 vs Power Five Programs. This is not a fluke but an undeniable trend! BB is 0-16 after trailing at halftime-the worst in the Power Five. What’s also as terrifying is how infrequently we outplay and outscore a Power Five school in the 2nd half for a regular season game. It has only happened 7 times in the BB era. So BB is 7-31 in the second half was Power Five schools, a 18.4% winning percentage!

So the foundation of BB program of playing 4 quarters of football, strong offensive and defensive lines and developing UnCommon Men that the Razorback Nation was promised has not happened. The time clock on BB is quickly coming to the last few ticks unless he immediately corrects his failures. But will his ego allow him to even acknowledge HIS failures and fix them?

I see Drew Morgan now has indicated he thinks a change is in order. Proud of these former Razorbacks putting the program over a coach - even one they played for in Drew’s case.

Where’d you see this?

I think that speaks volumes. I’ve also noticed not many of Brets former players, Wisconsin or Arkansas ever say much about him, while others praise their coaches. … ielema/amp


I actually am glad to see this, I wish more former players would express their displeasure. They grab more attention than a bunch of mad, old fans on a forum board.
Also shows that Drew doesn’t believe in his former coach. I think there’s more where that came from.

Just because a guy who knows something about football (Matt Jones) has an opinion you don’t like, you don’t have to dismiss his opinion. He knows a great deal about football. Maybe he’s on to something. I didn’t see where the poster said we should hire him as a coach.

They are biased against Rogers because of his height. As long as this team does not play its best players, it will underachieve.

So biased that they recruited him???

Pretty dumb if u ask me

At it again huh? Bragging on yourself for debating triumphs that don’t exist.

Uh…no. Merely pointing out as one of Bielema’s staunchest defenders, along with you, that those of us that have been advocating change are being proven correct. IT…IS…NOT…WORKING.

I wish you and he would have been right. I was at Williams Brice yesterday and there was nothing pleasurable about that curb stomping.


Perhaps … I surely would not hire you though given when we’ve engaged in healthy debate I can’t recall you being proven correct a single time! :smiley:
[/quote]most people are sharing opinions, so how is it you you are the arbiter of right and wrong?


In my opinion his takes are usually off base. Never said you have to agree with my opinions!


You have bee. Eating that drum so damn long it makes me sick just to see u in a post!
Both boards I try to read u are spilling the same garbage over and over
U and those other lunk heads

No way in hell to have a discussion on any boards because u try to take over the post
Here and 24/7
Damn son give it a rest.
No matter what u say he is NOT going anywhere this year at all !!!
Next year IF it’s the same then he will be gone

Who the heck is this up and Comer u speak of that wants this job???
WHICH coach can’t wait to jump in the SEC West ?
Remember before CBB?
No one buts horrible choices were lining up and YOU think there is a line at the door

How many schools will need coaches this year? Where does ark rank on that list?
Tenn nope
Tam nope
NEB. Nope
LSU. Nope
OLE MISS maybe

Someone joked earlier that you must be Jeff Long, I see it.
It must hurt to see your Beloved Bret just completely suck.

I know it hurts, I do, I’ve had loved ones let me down.

At some point you’ll have to face reality, if Bret wins 4 games maybe 5 he will be gone this year. They will find a way. They have to fill that stadium up next year, and no one will be coming if not. There is no hope in bret, the fans don’t believe in him, his former players don’t, and I’m betting his players are also getting close.

Enjoy watching his last games, or debacles.