I am not suggesting he should be (the coacheds know best 95-98% of the time), but I am wondering why Zimos would not make a great NB. Just like some thoughts from those who have actually watched him in action (I have not). Seems like he could at least move up to 2nd team…unless his skill set just does not translate to that position.

Nickels are corners. Zimos is not one of those. He would NOT be my choice for that position. He is more of a safety/hybrid outside linebacker. You could put him in for the nickel against power looks with multiple tight ends. But he is not a true nickel against a spread.


Makes sense…thanks Clay.

Whenever I saw him in team periods during camp he was playing a third-team safety spot.

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Scottie, that’s what I saw, too. He appears healthy so that’s a good sign.

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Well, maybe he is gonna be kinda like Bax. I have always thought Bax was under appreciated until recently. Maybe, next year will be Zimos’s time to shine. I just like his size and am still sipping on the cool-aid from his recruiting accolades. Maybe he will be on special teams and get enough reps to stay happy until they call his number.

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