Yurachek's concerns about playing football --------------

----------------- he seemed to be basing his doubts on the direct contact in football between players causing a problem. I don’t think you allow large groups of people to come together WITHOUT verifying they are not Covid-19 positive. So, teams will be tested first, frequently, and THEN allowed to practice and later play games. The key for athletics, factories, etc. is the verification of no virus first and then allow them to do their thing. You do the same thing for the band and for student fans and then allow them to attend games. You allow any fan with a current positive test certificate to purchase a general seating ticket. You pass out masks in your school colors. Your gate keepers have thermometer guns and no one with a fever gets in. The game goes on. The factories go on. It will look different just like our going to the grocery store is different but it will work. The key is the frequent, accurate, and rapid result testing. AD’s need to help pressure the government to get those readily available ASAP. If they don’t, then throw the bums out in November. JMVVVVVVHO

I just don’t see it happening until there’s a vaccine. The physical contact, not only within a team, but between teams makes spread of the disease almost certain. Seems to me the problems with this virus that make it so dangerous are that it can spread when people don’t even know they have it, it spreads very easily, and it’s devastating in its effects.

At some point, we’ll have a bunch of people who’ve had it & presumably immune. We’ll also have a vaccine at some point. Unfortunately, I just don’t see any of that until next spring at the earliest.

I agree with this

Until the vaccine is universal, we will have to make accomodations. A gradual opening up of the economy is coming very soon in some parts of the country. Some kind of South Korea virus control will be necessary at least in the parts trying to operate. There will be a new robust industry in virus testing and it needs to come on line ASAP. There is no way we can handle the economic collapse if we have to wait a year before any normal activity can return. So, there is not a question of when the economy will begin to return, that will be within the next month or two. The only question is how we do it until the vaccine gets here? JMVVVHO


Most areas will be opening with cautionary provisions before
a vaccine is available unless by some extraordinary good fortune it becomes available in the near future.
The efforts to bring a viable vaccine as well as medical interventions to market are the closest collaboration we have witnessed since the Manhatten Project and perhaps landing a man on the moon. This is a worldwide effort with tens of thousands of brilliant researchers. It is AMAZING to witness the joint efforts of the scientific and business communities in this effort and politics be damned.

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I am sure you are right. My point is that we cannot shut down until that time and will have to work out ways to work around all of this until then. No matter if the normal vaccine time is cut in half, that is still too long for a drastic shut down of our economy and that includes schools and athletic events.


I’m sure the economy will BEGIN to return within a month or so, but that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about football games & the risks that comes with those until a vaccine is ready.

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