Yurachek spoke during a trustees meeting today

Yurachek said he thinks there will be a requirement for fans to wear masks if they attend games this fall. He also said the Razorbacks are looking into a paperless ticket entry.

That’s what I figured, would definitely keep me from going, 95 degree heat with a mask on would be like putting your face in a sauna.

Yup…pretty ridiculous to even suggest it. Been talking to the ticket office and we were gonna get 4 in the north or south end zones to show support for CSP. I will not buy them now if we have to wear a mask. Sign a waiver if you want to attend because each person knows the risk.

The fact that masks help keep people who don’t know they have the virus (50%) from infecting others is the reason for the masks. The fact that they may keep you from getting infected is far less important. One infected person can infect dozens if they go around spewing out virus when they breathe, yell, sing, talk, sneeze, cough, etc.


Great…have a mask section and a non mask section. The CDC has changed their stance on just about everything since this started. I don’t believe anyone knows much of anything about this virus. It’s gonna spread and people are going to die. Those are the facts.


the masks, we’ll have to see. If I had to go to a game this weekend, I’d wear a mask. But this situation changes daily, and September is eons away, in virus years.

But the tickets will not change. CDC issued a report May 20, announcing “coronavirus does not spread easily” from surfaces. which makes sense, that it’s hard to catch a respiratory infection from a table or door knob.


And the slower it spreads and the fewer people that get infected the fewer babies, grandmothers, already sick people, and the health workers who care for them will die. Which one of your family are you volunteering to lose just so you don’t have to be inconvenienced? It is kind of like a reverse lottery, the more times you and your friends ignore the guidelines, the greater chance some of your folks will be the ones dying. I am not just being rude about this, but these are facts and all these “no one is going to make me wear no mask” posts have to have the stark light of reality shined on them. JMVVVVHO


My 14 year old is at the lake this week with friends. We as a family just booked a 7 day trip to Florida next month and that includes my 77 year old mother-in-law. She goes out everyday. She went and purchased a home last month in Springdale. She won’t stop for the virus either. I have traveled and worked every day since this started. I have spent 70 percent of my time on the road traveling across 4 states. I haven’t hanged my routine one bit except for not being able to sit inside restaurants or attend church in person. I am not gonna let a virus dictate my life and how I live it. I could understand it if it meant absolute death to anyone who got it but that just isn’t the case. Life is to short and I am prepared to meet my Heavenly Father if I am called home due to getting COVID19 or any other sickness. Protect the sick and the elderly but everyone else needs to get back to the old normal. The cure is much worse than the sickness at this point.


Well here is a potential problem with the mask.I think people will get into the stadium with it on but I can almost guarantee you a majority of them will have it under their nose before long and may even take it off from time to time, how are you going to monitor that?

And how will you enforce it? Forced removal from the stadium? That’ll go over well…

That’s what I’m talking about…I can assure you there will be people that want to go to the game bad enough to wear the mask in the stadium but the problem is will they keep it on? That’s why I think we start with no fans in the stands to avoid all the drama.

I think masks are a good idea, but if people are spaced adequately in the outdoor stadium, they’re not as big a deal. The outside air alone helps.

The schools could require masks but also try to be somewhat lax in enforcement. If most of the time, you go a long way toward solving the problem.

I imagine the “required masks” was a decision by the UA’s attorneys. It probably will only be enforced at entry. This requirement is just as much to protect the school from successful law suits as it is to protect fans from Covid 19.

I would also bet “masks” will cause a few fan “confrontations”. Fans will be the “police” for enforcing mask wearing inside the stadium.

I think you make a good point. Maybe masks are not required when you are at your seat with the 6’ space around you and your family. You just have to wear it when you are around other people at the ticket line, concession, toilet, etc. Expecting things to immediately go back to normal without any changes is naive. The overwhelming body count at ALL of the hotspots is real and no amount of “fake crisis” talk is going to make that go away. The “new normal” is just going to have to be worked out. I just think none of us can just “not give a damn” and go about things any old way we want without someone suffering severe consequences. JMVVVVHO

You’re not a lawyer, are you.

I have a daughter, son-in-law, and an uncle who are lawyers so I am qualified to agree that he sounds like one to me too. :slight_smile:

No, smart ass, I’m not. But as a CEO and CFO of multiple public companies, I’ve had lot’s of them working for me. I have a good understanding of how the minds of corporate attorneys work when it comes to protecting the company from any and all potential legal problems.

Slowing the spread was always about preventing the medical system from being overwhelmed. Spreading infections out over time won’t make the infections any less deadly if you get infected next month or six months from now based on the medicine we have now. That could change, of course, and maybe there will be a vaccine within a year, or the virus will ebb on its own, but simply spreading out the timing of infections in and of itself makes no difference.

The only way right now you can never die from the virus is to never get infected. If your basic position is that none of us should ever do anything to increase the chance that we might infect someone else which might eventually lead to somebody dying I disagree.

On the other hand, wearing a mask while walking into the stadium, in the concourse areas and the indoor seating areas does not really seem unreasonable to me, depending on how close other folks are at the time.

Having to wear one while you are sitting in the stands in the open air seems less useful, depending on how close your neighbor is and is that somebody you have been around a good deal already.

There is also a really basic concept here: no one is forcing any one to attend the games. If you are worried about yourself, your friends, grandma, grandpa and the grand kids, DON’T GO TO THE GAME. You also have the right to ask others if they went to the game, and to shun them for a couple of weeks if they went- not foolproof but most folks have a pretty good idea whether their kin and good friends go to the games.

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First, the UA isn’t a company. It’s the state. Second, a football game where people will voluntarily gather fully aware of the risks of human contact, makes it awfully hard to make the school at fault. Third, I’d like to think the school is just interested in the safety of its patrons.

I doubt the risk of infection in a large outdoor arena is very high as long as people are reasonably space apart.

Sorry to have offended you, but while your comment might have shown the mindset of super-conservative legal advisers, I know just how remote the likelihood of a successful lawsuit is.

I don’t have any faith in the so called “body counts” being accurate. There is way to much funny business going on with the numbers. States are changing the cause of death and some stories say that people/hospitals get significantly more money (17k) if the cause of death is COVID19 versus any other cause of death. If that is true then all bets are off on “body counts”.

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