Yurachek on no TV in NLR

Basketball capacity listed at 18,000. It’s officially a sellout. IDK how much tickets cost, but if it was $25, that’s $450,000 for that one game. Bradley’s probably getting a small guarantee since I don’t think Muss plans on taking any trips to Peoria.

BTW, total men’s hoops revenues for 2021-22 were $24.1 million. Women’s hoops, $401,000, or less than we’re taking in for this one game.

I’ll be there, but they should be extremely pro- promoting and getting your top 10 team on TV at every op. If you don’t want to spend the money, then say so,

But like wax said, don’t drop this probably a few hundred or a few thousand people nonsense on everyone. I don’t understand why they are not jumping through hoops (see what I did there) promoting the team through TV to the rabid fan base that it is.


Yurachek sez what he sez understanding there is not much punch of any consequence to follow.

What he does not explain is why with the windfall of television money he is not able to engage JM (fishing shows) or another local central Arkansas television production group to produce the game for broadcast.

Nor does he explain why a local sponsor such as Simmon does not front-end the “few thousand” in broadcast production cost.

Apparently from reading between the lines “production” versus “broadcast” is his problem in that SECN+ will carry games where they do not have production ad revenue in sufficient amount to cover the cost of camera and production. I am personally aware of local independent contractors that are available to production in that these contractors work on "a per-event basis for SECN and ESPN plus JM and other television companies.

By the way, a short time ago there was a complete campus outage to upgrade the campus fiber optic that supposedly eliminated the Red White broadcast from Barnhill. I mentioned on Insider at the time, my sense that this was a bad decision since our recruiting competitors (Texas, Ky, Bama, Auburn, TN,) had their intrasquad games on SECN both streamed live and On Demand. Yurachek again schmoozed the problem as AD are prone to do by citing it was a one-time thing that would not happen again. Well, this weekend it is happening again, the gymnastics team is doing their Red-White equivalent at Barnhill without television streaming via SECN+. The lack of coverage again flies in the face of SECN offering live and demand of the Razorbacks gymnastic SEC competitors. Yurachek no doubt does a number of things in a really good way but this lack of receptivity is a shortcoming he needs correct. JFB always understood Arkansas, due to a shortage of resources, had to be more inventive and create solutions where others solved problems by tossing money. We now seem to have a different problem in not spending a small of money where a small adjustment is required to accomplish what was intended a larger investment.

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I assume the NIL is a cost but in some manner has a revenue offset. Can you clarify.

It is not an “unavoidable challenge” … obstacles can be overcome … contracts can be amended … they just have to WANT to pursue a solution.



Reason I brought that up is that in some recent thread, somebody opined that less than 10% of our athletes were benefitting from NIL. Not the case.

It is possible, though unconfirmed, that some corporate dollars are being devoted to NIL that would otherwise be flowing into the RF coffers. However, I’m pretty sure that the schools with the giant collectives are not taking an equivalent hit to their donations; NIL is largely in addition to their donations.

The preseason Gym’backs event has not been carried in the past. There has been no real publicity about it. I did see a note in the Razorback Brew (the daily email) about the event.

Of course the well is dug deeper when the weekend women’s trip is considered. The Creighton game is on FloHoops and followed by the two games in the San Diego tournament also on FloHoops. Another one month FloHoops subscription but at least there is an alternative. :innocent:

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Dec 17 (Sat) 1:00 PM


#21 Arkansas

Omaha, Neb. Wayne and Eileen Ryan Athletic Center and D.J. Sokol Arena

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San Diego Invitational: Arkansas Can Make A Major Statement

Arkansas will be a surprise no more if the Razorbacks continue their undefeated start through the loaded San Diego Invitational.

Dec 14, 2022 by Kyle Kensing

The Dec. 12 Associated Press Top 25 features eight undefeated teams, among them three representatives of the Southeastern Conference. Two of those SEC squads feature national championship-winning head coaches and boast impressive legacies, recent or historic.

The surprise of the group, No. 21-ranked Arkansas, is fast becoming one of the most pleasant surprises of the 2022-23 season.

By the time Saint Nick has dropped down chimneys worldwide, the Razorbacks may be surprising no more. Arkansas is embarking on a pivotal tour of high-profile matchups, following a visit to Creighton for a Top 25 showdown on Dec. 17 with two days at the loaded San Diego Invitational.

Watch Live

2022 San Diego Invitational

Arkansas tips off the San Diego Invitational on Dec. 20 against No. 16-ranked Oregon for a matchup between teams with similar statistical profiles. The Razorbacks head into their big, three-game stretch with the nation’s No. 37 offensive rating, per HerHoopStats.com; Oregon ranks No. 12.

Both teams boast top 30 defensive ratings: Arkansas at No. 23 and Oregon at No. 28. An area in which the Razorbacks have really made their mark through their excellent start, however, is with their dominance on the glass.

Arkansas, which ranks fourth in the nation in rebounds per game and leads the country in HerHoopStats.com rebounding metrics, features one of the rangiest lineups in the country with 6-foot-5 Jersey Wolfenbarger, 6-foot-4 Maryam Dauda, 6-foot-3 Emrie Ellis and 6-foot-2 Saylor Poffenbarger.

“When you play smaller teams, they tend to be more aggressive just because they have to be,” Wolfenbarger said following the Razorbacks’ 77-63 defeat of Arkansas State on Dec 11. “We have a lot of big players, and I think that understanding that, just like we have to be aggressive, they’re going to come back 10 times harder. So not only do we have to use our height advantage, but we use our speed and agility and all that to really dominant the boards.”

As Wolfenbarger alluded, Arkansas isn’t some big-bodied team relying solely on size and playing a plodding style of old-school basketball.

The Razorbacks can get up and down the court and score, putting up north of 78 points per game, and they do so with a balanced attack. Four Arkansas scorers average in double-figures scoring, from Chrissy Carr’s 13 points per game to Samara Spencer’s team-high 15.8 points per game.

And that only scratches the surface of Arkansas’ scoring depth. Poffenbarger, the UConn transfer, is averaging almost nine points per game and is the Razorbacks’ second-most productive assist distributor. Wolfenbarger, an All-Freshman honoree in the SEC last season, brings a modern brand of almost positionless basketball to Arkansas’ approach as the team’s tallest player, but shooting the 3-pointer and attacking the rim off the dribble from the perimeter.

None of that’s to imply Arkansas can’t mix it up on the interior in traditional fashion, either. In fact, the breakout star of the Razorbacks’ balanced play and strong start is Erynn Barnum, the 6-foot-2 forward who controls the paint offensively and defensively.

Barnum is blocking a shot per game, grabbing more than seven rebounds, and with a field-goal average of almost 70 percent, is among the most efficient scorers in college basketball. Barnum’s outstanding play on the inside is a reflection of the Razorbacks’ maturation, coach Mike Neighbors said following a November win over Tulsa.

“This is a kid who now is in our program for a fifth year,” Neighbors said. “And she gets it. She knows when her number’s called, she knows she can dominate.”

The San Diego Invitational will be a fitting warmup for Barnum and the rangy Razorbacks to prepare for SEC play when the Arkansas forward matches up with counterparts like LSU’s Angel Reese and South Carolina’s National Player of the Year candidate Aliyah Boston.


Will the game be available for replay anywhere such as YouTube etc.?

Marty, I did mean to suggest the preseason event had been carried in the past. What meant to convey and apparently did not do a good job in doing so, was according to Yurachek the Athletic Department has invested funds to create an inhouse production capability, and this capability allows the department to product athletic events which are then transmitted to SECN that in turn will broadcast the event. It is understood the athletic department has invested resources to build the Gym’backs gymnastic program into a national recognized program. This requires recruitment and funding both of which fall within a Marketing Plan. A Marketing Plan, in turn, requires publicity including not only website alerts and media press releases but attraction by event broadcast. The athletic department and its programs are doing a great job in NWA of elementary and secondary student involvement and without doubt theses efforts will produce support for areawide gymnastics. Broadcasting of events, in similar fashion to the busloads of NWA youngsters attending meets, will reach those youngsters in all area of the state as elsewhere, hopefully drawing not only interest in gymnastics but also becoming a student athlete in the program. I hope every program with the department is publicized through broadcast of events in addition to the individual podcasts on HOG+.

No, only highlights completed by local stations, and any highlight completed by UA. No doubt these will accessible by tomorrow night on YouTube in addition to the local sports broadcast.

Steve, I would add it is not only few disgruntled fans, it is the thousands of fans the department has used SECN to market each game that for a multitude of reasons cannot be on hand to watch the game live. Your “WANT” is key!! Yurachek apparently needs an assistant that only feels comfortable Out-Side-His-Little-Boxes and will constantly challenge him with the next “opportunity”.

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I think Yurachek has done a fabulous job since he’s been here and is a massive upgrade over that dipstick that he followed. That being said, he would have been better off not doing this interview because it just inflamed fans more with the reasoning given.


He’s done an incredible, unbelievable, crazy great job.

But when you have a chance to support the fans. Do it.


I have not criticized Yurachek before, but this is way beyond the pale. You’re not at Houston any more. I think you understand that now. Even at this late date, you should authorize the expense to get this game streamed. Excuses and promises are not enough. ESPN would be delighted. When I watch ESPN+ games on local cable, I see local ads. Arkansas means something for ESPN across the country. Surely there are many businesses in Arkansas that would jump at the opportunity to have their ads blanket the state.

Your work made this a national game. Act!



I thought the same as Swine, get Simmons to pay for it , they can afford it

OR he did it on purpose to give him the backing and the justification to get it done. He likely does have someone he has to answer to on things like that. . .


We need to fire this bum Hunter You’re a Czech. Dude is not getting the job done.


Michael Marion, the area manager, estimated the costs to be several hundred thousands.

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Michael Marion is the guy who would be happy if there is never another sports event in that arena. So I take anything he says on the subject with handfuls of salt.