Yurachek on Garth Brooks concert

I spoke to Hunter Yurachek last week about his department’s preparation for this week and the potential for more concerts at the Razorbacks’ venues moving forward.

I was working at Goldies in Fayetteville back in 93, great restaurant whose franchise owner played track at OSU in the 80’s. (RIP Doug M!) Garth used to come in to hang out with his old team mate once a month. He tipped well even before Che was famous

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Doug Maratan played football at OSU. I covered him in high school (Tulsa Memorial) and college. He was a tough nosed football player. He’d sit down at my booth when I came in.

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Loved Goldies! Thanks for the memory.

I still love to cook my family the “angel fire burger”.
Doug was a class act. I look back on 29 years in corporate America and honestly miss college.Cooking in a hot kitchen, drinking a cold beverage and no worries in the world


College was the best time of my life. Adulting has been tough, lol.


Loved Goldies.

Drove out that way when back for basketball game but long gone unfortunately We

There are still a couple of Goldies open in Tulsa. The original that was a few blocks from our last home there is closed. Covid closing.

I believe the one at 61st and Sheridan still cranking out seasoned burgers.

I like the open faced double country burger. That’s with cream gravy. My wife cringes when it is ordered and when it arrives. The Texas toast is perfect to slop up the last of the gravy! Yum.


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