Yurachek in baseball language

An absolute walkoff grandslam home.

Looks good to me.

I should like that. Yurachek- I’m a Czech!! Great credentials. Was he even on anyone’s radar until maybe the beatdown on Saturday?

Obviously he was Chancellor was at basketball game Saturday night. I would bet he talked to Yurachek before the game!

Me thinks he is still in the dugout

Let’s see - we have been promised a lot only to see failure - lets see how he performs

I got one phrase “No more John L Smith ‘Smile’ events “

Very impressed with this hire.

Was afraid we would go inward or someone who was good ole boy pick by a few big money guys.

This is an absolute home run hire.

I have hope again.

Guy can hire coaches

I like the hire.

After thinking about Gragg for a while, the hiring of Haith bothered me more and more. It’s the reason that I will no longer watch TU basketball.

Stand up triple.

I agree with you. That hire raised a lot of red flags. And they could’ve done better without the baggage. He was an okay hire with serious baggage. If he hired a tainted but good coach like pitino, I could understand the gamble. Haith wasn’t worth it.

Should calm some concerns about who is running things at the University. Either a GOB of the GOBNetwork actually has a brain and used it with this recommendation, or Steinmetz was able to regain some control/normalcy with this hire.

I like it for athletic reasons. I like it for UA political reasons as well.

Now, go get one of the 4-5 names I see floated for coach not named Holtz or Horton. Any can be a fine hire for UA, just gotta roll the dice and see what happens.