Yurachek has history with Sampson

My guess is Sampson. He and Yurachek have some history. Lots of google links to read, here’s one:

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.chron.com/sports/cougars/ar … 942927.php”>https://www.chron.com/sports/cougars/article/UH-basketball-coach-Kelvin-Sampson-agrees-to-7942927.php</LINK_TEXT>

You can see that our men’s basketball program is heading in the right direction under Kelvin Sampson’s leadership said Hunter Yurachek, UH’s vice president for intercollegiate athletics.”

Does Houston offer a big raise this week?

I believe Sampson is 63, a little old for us to offer and for him to accept. Good coach, some issues however. Not the right guy.

Honestly, I hope it’s not him. I think he’s a very good coach, but we need someone to stick around a while and build off the success Anderson had, not start over again in 3-5 years.

General, I wasn’t necessarily ready for Mike to be fired because I like him. He wasn’t fired because of his success but lack of.

Perceived is the better statement. Again, from where we were when he got here to where we are now is night and day better. That’s thanks to Anderson.

Rick Barnes is 64. Maybe Tennessee shouldn’t have hired him because he is too old.

They offered him one before the season he turned it down. According to the fans down there, he wants his son to take over when he retires. His contract with Houston runs through 20-21. He would be 65 (retirement age). So, he may not be interested in another rebuild.

Not saying he will turn us down, but something to consider

I don’t buy the age thing…MA is 59.

My guess would be Sampson and HY already having an agreement, Houston plays Kentucky Friday night late start.
Emphasis on guess :sunglasses:

Wish CMA luck, I’m sure he’ll land feet first. Would be cool w me if Alabama hired him, fun stuff.

Check bakedhog.

But Anderson has been here for 8 years, hence he built the foundation at age 51. Barnes did it at 60 and still has years to build on. Sampson, my opinion, is 63 and doesn’t have that many years to build a program.

What does check bakedhog mean?

My comments aren’t of him being to old, it’s from Houston fans beliefs of why he turned down the extension. I’m speculating that if that’s the reason, he may be done coaching.

Now, my personal opinion, and I’ve posted this before, is his career stats aren’t that much better than Mike’s. He’s been a coach twice as long and has won twice as many conference titles, has a lower percentage of getting to the dance, and has 5 trips to the second weekend compared to Mike’s two (in twice the time). To me he’s not an upgrade, but I have a feeling he will end up our coach.

Good point General. Or he has risen from the ashes, taken a non-power 5 to the sweet sixteen or farther, and wants to solidify his
legacy by coaching a down program to the top. He goes 2-3 years past 65 w a successor in the waiting.

In a perfect world :sunglasses:

You may have misinterpreted…I was finishing my post when I saw yours…it meant point taken.

Got ya. Clicked to respond and it popped up on the quote, I thought I might have flagged you or something.

I’ll be honest, you can tell, I’m not a big fan of Sampson, but usually if I’m against something it happens.

I wanted Anderson to stay…but I like a redemption story too. But who knows if it’s Sampson. Maybe HY
has a young coach waiting in the wings.

I’ve seen three names pop up through the various boards in the last couple days of young coaches, I don’t think any would be met with high expectations, but I’d much rather take a chance on them than pay a lot to some established coaches who fail.

Post 'em? Or PM is cool. I just wanta check 'em out :sunglasses:

If Sampson can find players (legally) I don’t think there are many coaches out there who are better

Another interesting link: <LINK_TEXT text=“http://hoopthoughts.blogspot.com/2013/0 … y.html?m=1”>http://hoopthoughts.blogspot.com/2013/02/kelvin-sampson-philosophy.html?m=1</LINK_TEXT>

I promise you it doesn’t trump billionaire Houston Rockets owner Fertitta in addition to alumni and financial supporter of the UH, he is not going to let Sampson get away period

I said in another thread, I don’t think it’s Sampson. His age, him wanting his son to be his successor, his pay (with incentives it’s 3.5 million this year and could be more next year), I can’t see him leaving Houston. I’d be shocked if he does. I don’t think it’s Beard, I’ve said before Beard said TT is home, and Dudley has said he’s not leaving except for a hand full of Blue Bloods. I can’t see it being Buzz Williams. aTm wants Buzz, that, much like what you’re saying with Fertitta, would be a bidding war. I can’t see any of those being realistic possibilities. I don’t think that would stop another Gus debacle in which AR throws the kitchen sink at any of them only to have them say no. I also don’t think it’ll be Hoiberg, Donovan, or Stewart. Two aren’t leaving the NBA, and the third seems to already be locked into Lincoln.

I think the name is on the list that was posted in the link. Any of those young guys.

Edit: Sorry that list is on another thread.