Yurachek appointed to oversight committee

Perhaps HY can help level the playing field with regards to refereeing of football & other sports & help implement higher standards & oversight.

We had more than our share of bad calls in 2020, including the Auburn end of game referee fiasco.

The way you remedy bad calls for your team is start winning NC’s or write big checks to people that frequent the dark web. Not necessarily in that order.

NCAA supervisor of football officials is an old friend of ours, former SEC ref Steve Shaw. HY’s on the football committee, so why would he have anything to do with officiating of other sports?

He’s not gonna help with oversight of other sports. It’s a football committee.

Well understood that HY is on the football committee. However, not unreasonable that discussions & suggestions on football (including improved vetting of refs) may also filter over to other sports under the NCAA.

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