Yurachek and Muss

I am sure that HY has a big grin on his face as the Hogs beat GT last night. With the daunting task of finding someone who can fix the mess in the football program, he has the satisfaction of knowing that basketball should be solid if not a powerhouse for years to come. Even the biggest Muss fans are a little
surprised that the program has made so much progress on the court and in recruiting so soon. A truly top tier coach will win extra games every year and Muss is well on his way to doing that.

I think that Yurachek has shown that he can pick an excellent coach. I think that fans should be patient and let Yurachek pick a coach.

I think that our fans have become accustomed to a coaching search that has more leaks than a rusty johnboat. HY doesn’t do that and some people are panicking, or trying to fill the information void with fabricated baloney, or both. I think the most reliable sources so far (that aren’t HY) know more than the average fan, but not very much more.

I agree with that sentiment

I’ve seen a couple of comments to the effect that Yurachek better get the football hire right or he will be fired too. I hope that the fan base realizes that Yurachek was a big reason for Musselman taking this job and that if Yurachek were to be fired, it could make it a little easier for another school to try to get Musselman away from us.

Yea that’s what AR really needs now, threats to get it right or hit the road.
Go ahead make the program a Coach & AD killer.

SO … I’m sure that virtually every AD that has to hire a coach has every intention and believes that he/she has the best option he/she can get based on finances and interested coaches. Not sure his job is hanging on this hire, at least not for several years … think JL and BB. Let the bad hire continue and fester, then yes. Hire multiple failures, then yes. I would suggest that HY will be .500 at a minimum after this hire, hopefully better!

It would be a complete dumb…s move to even consider firing HY if his football coach hire is not a home run. I sense a real desire to listen to the fans as well as the mega boosters. It is very difficult to win football games in the SEC but we have in the past and will win big again. It will take a special coach to be a top 10 program, but there are a number of coaches that can be competitive in the SEC. Nutt certainly wasn’t the best coach, but he won games and we were usually competitive. We should not be satisfied with mediocrity but that is a step that we take before we can compete with the best.

Hunter is looking for better than mediocre but knows that won’t happen quickly even if you had Saban & Meyer both on our sideline next year & maybe the next.
He knew he couldn’t wait any longer with Morris, so he could his feelers out there sooner.
Wish BL could have took the reins 2-3 games earlier, but hindsight’s 20-20.