Yuck weather for Friday

The forecast for Friday has changed several times the last 48 hours. I don’t like the one that I found at weather.com just now. High of 45. OK. But not the rest of it, showers in the morning with heavier rain in the afternoon. Chance of rain 60 percent. YUCK! That’s how I know it’s baseball season, the weather turns bad.

Baseball in cold weather are an absolutely horrible match. It’s no fun being out there when it’s cold and especially if it’s damp the coldest it’s ever been in my life was on a baseball field!

Agree with Youdaman. Coldest I have ever been at a sporting event was early baseball. Feel sorry for all these northern teams who come south to play warm baseball just to freeze their tails off.

The northern teams don’t think it’s cold! They are glad to be outside. The ones I feel sorry for are the ones (at times) from California. How about USC last year? A cold day in LA is not really a cold day.

It is not looking good for Friday 90% chance of rain. Saturday and Sunday look ok but cool, I vote for DH on Saturday and single on Sunday, but we shall see!

While this is true, it turns out that Los Angeles is having unusually cool (they call it cold) weather so far this Winter. Lots of rain too, which is most irregular. My son lives in Orange Country, right next to LA, and so I end up getting informal weather reports when we talk over the phone, or text (which is frequent).

Looks like the current long-range weather forecasts for Fayetteville and Los Angeles for next week’s games look pretty similar. High’s in the 50’s.

It depends a lot on what part of LA you are in. They have mini climates, although not like San Francisco.

I’ll never forget my August trip to San Francisco about 15 years ago to speak to the Bay Area Alumni Association Club. You could drive from one neighborhood to the next and the temps could change 20 degrees and you might be in fog, then in bright sunshine 10 minutes later. I played golf at Olympic Club and they have two 18-hole courses. They said one course could have far different weather than its neighbor.

I experienced the same thing in San Diego, too. Crazy how it can change in a 15-minute drive.

I am going to LA for the games next week (and my 60th birthday…ugghh)
Was really looking forward to the warm weather, but looks like it will be much like being in Fayetteville, especially since the three games are at night

One of our reporters spoke to the EIU coach today. He said people from Arkansas had given him a heads up that there might need to be an adjustment to the schedule.

The Weather Service now says rain or freezing rain is likely Friday morning, becoming all rain in the afternoon. The chance of rain is 70 percent.

My guess is there might be some movement on this tomorrow if the forecast continues to look poor. I don’t think there is any desire to have fans showing up only for the opening game only for it to be rained out.

I can dress for the weather and I have some shelter under the canopy. However, it just bothers the heck out of me to see the kids play in cold, rainy, miserable weather. I also vote for a double header on Saturday. Besides, then I won’t have to get my grandsons out of school early on Friday.

To further the comments about San Francisco, I once experienced a miserable June afternoon in that city. Mark Twain was right.

Well, it is Fayetteville in the middle of February…It’s wintertime in the mountains. Why are we starting baseball so early up here? Spring training hasn’t even started for the MLB in Florida. We are kinda jumping the gun…

I grew up in Jefferson County about 30 miles from Pine Bluff. The difference in the weather from that area to Fayetteville’s weather is pretty significant. When I came to school up here many years ago, I thought I would freeze to death. Walking up the hill to class in that Fayetteville north wind was an eye opener. We are a couple of hundred miles more northward with a pretty significant elevation change…a mountain climate.

I moved up here last May to be with my grown kids…the spring, summer and fall are really nice, but winter up here is a lot colder and more windy. The wind always blows in Fayetteville. I certainly knew that because I lived here for several years, but it is a big change.

For me the coldest was the 2002 Cotton Bowl when we played Oklahoma and lost something like 10-3. It was bitter that day in the stands and we lost to boot!!

It’s not baseball related, but here’s a result of some of the yuck weather we had here in Missouri today. https://twitter.com/Dantej21/status/1096550488714170368

always amazes me how fast some of those idiots were going Rubber and snow will never go well together…unreal

We always start the season in mid-February. Absolutely nothing new. Most colleges do, although they may not have home games. We’re pretty much going to have a home series that first weekend, because we can sell tickets for it even if it’s too cold for most to show up.

Those are some tough fans who go today. It is 35 with a wind chill of 30. Brave souls.