YoutubeTV recording of the game?

Anyone else w YTTV–the recording of the game seems to be linked to the UCLA-OSU game? I sent a repair request but wondering if it’s just me or YTTV thing?

It showed up in my library

I have the library set to record all Arkansas games

When you go to the game in your recorded list, be sure to check to see if there are multiple versions available. It will show as CHOOSE A VERSION below the recording.

Also, when you click on the recording, check to see how far into the game it is. If you watched the game live, it may well be starting where you left off viewing.

I’ve re-watched the first 9 minutes or so this am on YouTubeTVwith no issues.


If you can’t get it straightened out, tomorrow at 7:00 PM, SEC channel is replaying the game. You can go there on the YTTV live menu and click it to be recorded in your library.

I rewatched it last night and it was all there, but at the end there was a signficant portion of another game so if you fast forwarded to see the bad call Calipari griped about, it would be easy to see another game.

It recorded on my YTTV but I’m missing the first 6-7 minutes of the game. Now have it set to record again tomorrow at 7 on SECN, thanks to Harley.

Weird, At the beginning of my recording says something to the effect of if you want to watch the rest of the OKC OKCState game go to or something like that.

Since you requested the recording once, you should not need to request it again. Also, be sure to select Arkansas Basketball and Football as sports that you follow. All games will be recorded, including ALL replays.

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