YouTubeTV and ESPN

Just got the email that unless an agreement is reached between YouTubeTV and Disney, those channels (which of course includes the ESPN family), will not be available as of Friday.

Hopefully they reach an agreement, but if not I suppose I will sign up for Hulu.

I welcome any insight re Hulu or other streaming services. I had PlayStation Vue previously but couldn’t get local channels

Yeah I got the same email. They’ll cut my price $15 a month while Disney is off. Whoopee doo. That’s approximately 90% of what I watch. Ever.

Holy crap

I have heard it through an unreliable source that Jimmy Sexton is representing YouTubeTV. I pity ESPN and Disney.


You can get Hulu Live which has live local channels. Blackouts for football are kinda weird and I’ve missed some chiefs games because of it. If I had cable, I could watch on local channels, but on Hulu, the local channel is blacked out. There is always something. None are great, all have problems, so I guess it’s as good as any.

I have smart TVs, and there is a Hulu app on the TVs Before I had a smart TV I used a Roku stick

I will stick with cable I have looked into other things but they eliminate some things that are important to me like watching the Braves… I have cable and internet through Comcast infinity and it cost a good bit but I have the fastest internet speed out there and get to watch all my sports channels so I’m good

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It just seems like there is a steady war between the suppliers and the distributors of entertainment. One side wants as much as they can get and the other is trying to hold them down to stay competitive. Insurance companies and Doctors do the same dance. I expect Comcast will be fighting Disney in the next round.

The value of streaming is you can quickly switch to another provider that fits your needs. For those with high-speed internet (1,000 Mbps or greater), the days of cable and satellite dishes are no longer needed. No longer waiting for the installation of a provider or being held hostage between the cable networks and the distributors. So if EPSN disappears from YouTubeTV, I will find another provider in the interim. It will take less than 5 minutes to switch.

The question is, how much does one really miss when losing ESPN. I am not an up-close & personal type (Olympics Style Broadcasting) and have grown very tired of hearing about an athlete’s indiscretions and their personal lack of general knowledge, such as believing the earth is flat. So the non-game action on ESPN, NBC, or Fox Sports is a complete waste of my time. I prefer this site or similar ones that provide me with the latest info on my specific team.

For me, it is real-time sports that cover only a small piece of the day. I am not a gambler, but I have found that watching Vegas Stats & Information Network (VISN) provides me with the information I need.

If ESPN/Fox Sports/ or NBC Sports disappear for a while, I will realize how much of my time I have been wasting when I could be doing something more interesting than sitting on my backside and consuming unneeded carbohydrates and creating my own gravitational force.


That’s all well and good, but my sole reason for having these channels is to have Razorback events.

SECN+ is near essential for me


For me I am just patiently waiting for ESPN to closeout certain aspects of their contracts so tht they can have their own dedicated streaming service. At some point they will ditch the cable companies for a stand alone streaming platform but that might still be awhile. I have youtube tv but will drop it in a heartbeat if I can’t watch the Hogs.

When I switched from cable/satellite a few years ago I saved almost half. Now my cost for streaming is almost where it was. My wife doesn’t have a strong appetite for change, so I am kinda stuck with Hulu, not to mention I don’t think the rest are really any better.

Since YouTubeTv has Hallmark - I am in the same boat. Will be hard to justify switching unless the other provider has Hallmark. A switch without Hallmark will increase my legal bill or burial expense. I would expect I would be divorced or be dead.


When everything shakes out in a few years and virtually everything is streamed, I fully expect I’ll be paying substantially more than I am now. And it would be worse if I were obliged to stream a favorite MLB or NBA team (have one of each, but don’t care enough about either to buy League Pass or make sure I get their RSN).

And RSNs are in trouble anyway. Sinclair’s RSN subsidiary is in deep guano, and NBC and AT&T are also considering getting out of RSNs. That won’t affect colleges much but it would hurt the pros.

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I’m with you Billy. I’m sure I could cut the cord an save a bit but my local cable company is excellent plus I record and replay games a lot.
Guess I’m officially an old fart.

Yeah I’m not going to mess with my cable internet package because the Internet supposedly is the fastest internet out there I’ve never had any buffering at all when I’m watching our games on the computer. And I’m not going to miss any Braves games so that pretty much locks me into my package because YouTube and all those others don’t carry the Braves channel

Your internet is very fast. Typically you’re a play ahead of my TV during games. And here in Chattanooga we were supposed to be Gig City.


Oh Danny I’m sorry man I wish you should have told me that it was ahead… that is kind of frustrating to know what happened before it happens I’ll try to be more aware of that going forward


No prob Billy. I typically stay behind on the game thread anyway.

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I don’t think so. The cable and satellite fees are probably the No. 1 revenue source for Disney.

Hulu is a good service. You will get every network that carries an Arkansas football or basketball game, and probably every baseball game that is on network TV.

I think Hulu and YouTube TV are the leaders in that field. Other than the interface and the channel offerings, I haven’t seen a lot of differences between them.