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Making the switch to YouTube Tv after 20 years with Dish. Living in Texarkana can you select if you want local channels to come out of Little Rock or Shreveport?

I don’t live in Texarkana, but I don’t think you can choose. A quick Google search shows that the locals available in Texarkana are from Shreveport (ABC, CBS, and Fox) and Texarkana (NBC). If you really want the Little Rock locals, I suppose you could use a VPN to work around and get them. I’m not an expert on VPNs, though.

Maybe someone from Texarkana can give their experience.

I live in El Dorado I use Little Rock for my stations so I can see all Cowboys games and not Saints

And when I travel I can watch the local stations on my laptop or tablet

On YouTube can you still access ESPN3? Do you log in with YouTube as your provider? TIA

I take my Roku fire stick to Fayetteville when visiting my daughter, log into my account, and the YoutubeTV are the local channels there, not my local channels back in our home in LR. As far as I know, the location of where you log on dictates the local channels.


Are you sure? I have YoutubeTV through ROKU, but any streaming (ESPN3, ESPN+, SECN+ etc.,) I get directly through my ROKU ESPN channels. I believe he would have to do the same.

I get all of the non-streaming channels (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, etc.) through You Tube TV channels. They will all be available because he’s using a ROKU firestick, but the streaming channels will be directly through his ROKU fire stick, not through You Tube TV.

And, one other thing about SECN+, I wasn’t able to get it without logging in to my ROKU with my old provider, U-Verse because ROKU couldn’t see it through You Tube TV. ROKU only accesses your internet connection where they see it even though it’s not through U-Verse. So he may have to fool ROKU by logging as DishTV (his old provider) to get SECN+.

Anyone who subscribes to YouTube TV should be able to access SEC Network+ when they authenticate that YTTV is their provider for the SEC Network. I also use a Roku for streaming on my television, but sometimes I will pull up SEC Network+ on my desktop computer and watch a game. I’m not using the Roku specifically at that time.

Several months ago, I did have a problem getting SEC Network+ using the ESPN app on my TV. It would show game options on the app, but when I clicked on any of them, it would bring up a message saying something like I “didn’t have permission to view the media.” That was some type of glitch between Roku and YTTV that was affecting some YTTV users, but it was apparently resolved. I haven’t had any trouble with the app lately, although I do have to authenticate every so often.

When I had that issue, I pulled up Watchespn on the computer and chose YTTV as my television provider. I was able to pull up games and either watch them on my computer or use a Chromecast device to watch them on my TV. Thankfully, I haven’t had to do that in a while.

But the short answer is that, yes, if you have YTTV, that is your television provider. It is a recognized provider (listed among the choices when you have to authenticate) and will allow you access to SEC Network+ games.

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Right now I can watch SECN+ on my phone and laptop through my YTTV membership but not on my TV. Pain in the gluteus but better than not watching.

Then I checked into my hotel last night. The TV worked but the remote didn’t so I couldn’t change channels to ESPN2. So rather than try to get that fixed at 7 pm and miss the game, I logged in and watched on my computer.

I have no idea why, but neither of my ROKU units would let me authentic through YTTV for SECN+. No problem for ESPN+, ESPN3, etc. I tried on one brand new ROKU unit and my older one. It doesn’t make sense to me. It makes even less sense, that I could authentic for SECN+ by using my old U-Verse as provider, even though it’s totally disconnected from all my devices?

It must be something between YTTV and ROKU for only SECN+. I didn’t even have to authentic to get ESPN+ and ESPN3 through YTTV?? I didn’t have any problem getting SECN+ on my desk top or phone, just couldn’t get it to my TV through ROKU without lying about U-Verse as my provider.

I get SECN+ on my laptop and I only had to sign in once with my YouTubeTV and password to “authenticate” that I had access to ESPN somewhere.

Anything that is shown on the ESPN family of networks can be accessed via the ESPN app. I have the app on my phone and each of my smart TVs. The app is also available on Roku and Apple TV devices.

I log in to each with my credentials for YouTube TV.

I watch hog baseball ,basketball Women and men if I have to on my television with YTTV on my fire stick s my provider.No issues

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