Youtube inspiration

Aloha fellow Hog fans,

I visited Youtube last night for some Razorback inspiration. If you want to see a hard hitting defense, check out the Hogs 31-6 win over ATM in 1975. Whew! Our DL totally dominated the Number 2 team in the country.

As for play makers, I think the two most dynamic Arkansas play makers in recent times must be Matt Jones and Darren McFadden. When you look back at their heroics, they were amazing on a highly consistent basis.

Yes, we were once great. I have never been so appreciative of our past that I am right now. Thank-you to all of our past lettermen who blessed us with great effort, incredible wins and awesome performances.


That’s an exciting way to start the day. Makes me think about what next year could be like with a full year of Boyd running wild. One dynamic skill player can completely change a game. And we should have a very physical D line.

Well said & our recent history had playmakers like Dmac, Matt J, & others.
The list of Hog Heroes that we have had the pleasure to witness over the last 40-50 years (for me anyway) would fill up this entire thread.
We will rise again & add more Hog Heroes to the list.


I watched alot of games last night from 2011 season and man we were good Wilson was throwing to J wright,Adams,Childs,Hamilton,Gragg,we re killing the middle of the field and I hope we can get back to that one day