Youth: An excuse for poor coaching.

In Kentucky’s last game against Florida, they playeq 7 players more than 2 minutes: 5 freshmen and 2 sophomores. That is a far younger team than Arkansas.
However, they have improved leaps and bounds since the beginning of the year and, compared to other teams, we haven’t improved at all.

From that, it is not unreasonable to surmise that Cal knows how to develop players and Mike doesn’t.

It helps when you have paid McDonald All-Americans. Maybe if you would have reached out to the Perry family and paid them on behalf of the Razorbacks we wouldn’t be in this situation, this is your fault Gay.

That’s not relevant to the subject. Great players increase the number of games you. You don’t need McDonalds All-American players to show improvement during the year.

Ok… which teams were as young as we were without McDonald All-Americans won big this year? Cause I can’t think of a single team, that starts 2 freshman and 3 sophomores that did as well as we did this year. All the teams in our conference that did well this year had vets or if they were young they were stacked with McDonald-All Americans and 5-star players, like Kentucky. Texas A&M and Vanderbilt were both young and they did horribly this year.

I don’t think some of you guys realize the skill difference in McDonald All-Americans and 3-star players. There’s a reason why people are literally going to prison trying to land some of those kids. You can’t compare Kentucky freshmen to our freshmen. I think if you just add one player that’s the caliber of one of those Kentucky player’s to our roster… like a Reggie Perry, this would have been a tournament team, that would have been the difference in like those 7 or so games we lost by a couple of possessions.

Gay comparing anyone to that Greaseball at Kentucky is a pretty low blow! Do you know his history and trail of trouble he has left behind at U Mass and Memphis? The man is a cheat, a liar and a self absorbed horses tale. I wouldn’t want one of my kids or grandkids to see him let alone play for a dirt bag like him! What life lesson can he teach anyone?
As for his team bought and paid for with McDonald all Americans. Young punks that think the world owes them everything
and their entitled to do what they want. Look at how many of his former players are actually good teammates in the NBA? Not very many. Some of his former players think College basketball is a joke.
When he gets busted again you will see.
I guess you like Bill Self too! He has been caught! He has been invited to federal court in New York! He paid a layer last year. Billy Preston whom never played a game. and sat out until he left to play overseas.
If you have to cheat to get players and win no thanks.

The point I was making that most seem to ignore, is how much the teams improved, not how many games they won.

Gay does bring up a point I’ve been thinking about.

Youth, year 8, talent aside, did Mike Anderson do a good job coaching this team, this year?

I’d be interested in y’alls thoughts.

My take is that Mike missed on a couple of players that were on the court a lot. You need folks that can put the ball in the hoop and play without mistakes. It’s roster issues IMO.

Which is on the coach.

These kids gave effort but you have to finish.

I believe this is highly exaggerated. It’s easy to improve when you have a team full of 5* players. You can have multiple guys not play well, but still have one or enough contribution from other 5*'s to fill the gap. Heck, Kentucky’s star Washington didn’t have a very good game against us, but another 5* Herro stepped up and knocked down shots.

I also don’t see that we didn’t improve. We absolutely improved, but as has been stated many times, we were inconsistent to say the least.

So yes, it’s completely unreasonable to make the claim that Calipari can develop players and Anderson can’t.

Let me ask, if the teams were flipped and all Kentucky’s players played for Arkansas and all of Arkansas’ players played for Kentucky, which coach would have a better record?

My answer is I don’t know. Do I think Anderson made mistakes? Yes. Do I think the players made mistakes against what they were coached to do(as most youngsters do)? Yes.

I truly believe he coached this men up to their abilities and tried to utilize them, but he’s only human and made mistakes. It happens.

Are you saying that Isaiah Joe, Desi Sills, Embery Simpson, Mason Jones have not improved since the beginning of the year? I don’t think these four will be happy to hear that.

I think that’s fair.

Chaney got less minutes than I’d like to see.
Harris and Gabe O got more.
We should’ve played more zone IMO.

I don’t think this was one of his better coaching jobs, but I’m also not impressed with his talent base so it is hard to judge. Considering what he inherited, I think year one was his best job IMO

Sills improved. So did Gabe except his shooting never got any better. Joe definitely improved.

Harris never improved his outside shooting. Adrio regressed. Jones was OK most of the season but no big improvement overall.

Our free throw shooting never improved. Chaney never seemed to get comfortable in his role. Since we were extremely weak at power forward, Chaney’s lack of improvement was sorely missed.

What never changed was if we weren’t hot from outside, we were not a very good offensive team. With no outside shot threat from the point guard and power forward all season long they were always free to gang up on Gafford.

Despite a great shot blocker, our defense was just so-so all season. Florida put on a clinic on how to attack our man-to-man. Force Gafford to switch to cover an outside player and then just throw it in to anyone on the inside for an easy bucket, over and over, again.

We were young because of recruiting and retention failures during previous seasons. If those failures were by a previous coach, that might be an excuse. CMA deserves all of the credit and the blame for where the program is today. I am most disappointed for Gafford. He came back to a very disappointing season. He could not overcome the weakness across the board on this roster. JMVVVVVHO.

This isn’t true.

There were games as conference play started where bad FT shooting reared it’s ugly head, but from non con to conference play, FT shooting did improve. We shot 75% from the line yesterday.

As for Chaney, he settled into his role about half way through conference play. He would have started in my opinion most of the season if not for being Gaffords backup and mishaps with the ball(traveling and throwing it away). But as I said, midway through conference play, he became more methodical in his game and was a great contributor to the team.

I think overall, Mike did a pretty good job of coaching this team, given it’s youth. HOWEVER , why did we have this much youth in a coach’s 8th year? Mike should not have let the team get in this position, period. No excuses. He could have hit the JC programs hard to bring in more experienced players , such as Macon and Barford. I am also very tired of watching us getting killed on the boards because we only have one or two big men who can play and generally one at a time. I don’t know whether its Mike’s system or recruiting or both, but we need this corrected. We need some men! Daniel was manhandled yesterday and had no help. Also, our half court defense has always sucked under Mike’s system . Whatever happened to good half court D? O yea, I saw it yesterday, from Florida.

Forget the McD’s AA. Garland, who was a Top 100 guys, would have been the difference in those games. If you add is Perry, we may have competed for the #1 seed in the SECT

Yea, Garland and Perry, 2 situations out of staff’s control would have made a world of difference this year. Both address vital needs. Garland is a slashing guard/wing that can give us size and really attack the rim. And Perry is a stretch 4. Those were our 2 glaring weaknesses on our roster. Heck, if Phillips would have been healthy to start the season that may would have been the difference between us making the tournament. He came in injured and missed some time, then soon as he was starting to come along in off-season, he gets injured and misses several games then transfers. Just about anything that could have went bad during last year’s off-season went wrong for us. Only thing that worked out for us was Gafford staying. Anytime we’ve had a good off-season under CMA we’ve done well. I’m hoping guys this off-season stay put and everybody stays healthy. If that happens we’ll have a good season next year.

Actually, it really is true. We shot 66.5% from the FT line in non-conference and conference. Identical…no improvement.

Non conference=238-358

As for the assertions on Chaney, it’s really just an opinion but he didn’t once hit double figures scoring over his last 16 games, and never grabbed more than 6 boards over that same time period. His FT shooting did get better in that time frame.

Fair enough.