Your most controversial southern food take?

I’ll go with Barrett and say grits. So bland. No taste.

Funny that Tom Lemming, who’s from Chicago loves grits.

Richard, you need to find a different place to buy your grits. Can be very good.

Cheese grits are very good. I never ate grits until I moved to Georgia in 1967, but discovered there are several types of grits that are actually tasteful.

Grits have never been one of my favorites but as stated there are some tasty ones.
More of a wheat or oats guy myself.

Many years ago I was standing in line at a French Market cafe at breakfast time when a women with a strong Bostonian accent asked what’s that stuff in the big steaming pot. “Grits,” I said. “What do you do with them,” she said. I explained that you can eat them with eggs, sugar, butter, salt and pepper, etc. etc. “That’s gross,” she replied. I told her that I would eat her share. The crowd laughed and clapped, and I took a bow. Silly woman.

Boiled peanuts are repulsive

I agree, those things are nasty.

Grits can be good when prepared properly with shrimp.
The best I ever had was in Savannah, GA. It makes my
mouth water just thinking about those yummy, bubbling
hot shrimp and grits. It’s a shame that dish is so unhealthy.

I know, in advance of posting this one, that it will bring all sorts of hellfire down upon my head . . . but in the spirit of honesty . . .

I love all sorts of meat, prepared all sorts of ways. But I’ve never, ever been a fan of pulled pork BBQ. I LOVE soft, succulent, slowly cooked beef brisket BBQ and I love ribs (beef and pork). But I just don’t care for pulled pork.

I know most southerners, especially, love pulled pork. But not me.

OK . . . my hard hat is on.

I don’t like grits. Also I think beans don’t t belong in chili.

I’m with you. I think it’s gross.

Give me BBQ beef anytime.

Poke Salad

Smell isn’t bad, but can’t stand the taste. I know others who like the taste but can’t stand the smell


Grits. Without a doubt its grits.

Years ago when my wife and I were dating, she knew how I felt about grits. But she used to tell me that if I just tried these ‘world famous’ Grits a yaya from the Fish House in Pensacola (her favorite dish ever), that it would forever change my opinion of grits. Against my better judgement, I agreed to to try them and we both ordered the Grits a yaya on that fateful night. I guess she could tell by the look on my face after my first bite so she asked ‘what do you think?’. My reply was something to the effect of ‘what a waste of perfectly good shrimp’. We might have left not speaking that night. :lol: I still haven’t learned to keep my mouth shut even when I know better, but we’ve been going back to the Fish House once or twice a year for about 20 years now. She gets her grits and I get my grilled fresh catch and corn fritters and everyone’s happy.

We have a winner! Horrible… :shock:

Yall just have been eating it at the wrong place. I smoke a mean pork butt.

For me it’s mustard potato salad or slaw. Mayo goes in potato salad and slaw. You can also keep your darned KFC or any other type of "sweet " coleslaw! Yuck

When it’s really cold and you’ve been in the woods deployed for a few weeks they hit the spot! A little sugar and butter and a small amount of milk with a few biscuits and you have a feast.
Old Army days!

That’s for damn sure

Not an Okra fan. Would be ok with me if I never eat it again.

Boiled okra. Fried or pickled are both OK, but it turns to snotty slime when you boil it.