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As the NIL Turns

Imagine driving around campus in a Lamborghini

That’s exactly what Texas running back Bijan Robinson is set to do after announcing a partnership with the Lamborghini dealership in Austin. I’m skeptical about how many Lambos will move off the lot after this deal, but it’s cool nonetheless.

Beats the Honda Accord I drove around Baton Rouge.

Probably be driving a bus after he doesn’t get drafted “AGAIN”.

My car for my last two years of college: a Nova Hatchback. It had an AM radio, and no air conditioner. I would tell my dates (Jean Ann recalls this) that I had 2-40 air. That’s two windows at 40 miles an hour. Jean Ann sat in the middle if we got on the interstate for the trip from Conway to Little Rock. It was not to sit next to me, but to get away from the open window. But we had no choice but to keep it open for some breeze going through the car.

I intentionally drove a new car with no AC in college (Dad bought it for me with the money he had put aside for my school since I was working for Butch and Rick at SIO and got my tuition and books paid there); it was cheaper, but it had a sunroof to help with airflow which pretty much stayed open all summer unless it was raining (and a couple of times it was open anyway). Now? Fuggedaboudit. Gotta have that AC

I drove my grandmother’s Chevy II with no air. I would open the floor vents and open the back windows about one quarter to one half. That got the air moving.

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My 66 VW Bug had no air but lots and lots of memories…

I had been driving a no air conditioned truck for the last 20 years, ha. And I live in Nevada, we’re getting ready for 100 degrees now, well, that’s sorta mild, we’ll see 115 easy. It was a 4 cyclinder, just wouldn’t go with the air on, get you run over. My mechanic offered to replace a part for the air a few years ago, I said I don’t need no STINKIN’ air, no air makes you tough. He said no, it just make you hot!

I broke down and bought me a new truck WITH AIR 6 mths. ago. :sunglasses:

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