Your Choice for New Football Coach Is?

  • Lane Kiffin
  • Mike Norvell
  • Willie Fritz
  • Mike Leach

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Man I’d be really happy with Kiffin or Norvell.

And I’ll be worried either way that the one we didn’t choose will turn out to be great somewhere else.


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Very cool - how did you figure out how to do a poll? Not only does it show the percent, it shows the “circled letter” indicating the poster.

By the way, my first choice is Kiffin, but I’d be just fine with any of the other 3.


Jimmy Johnson
Kevin Kelly
George Stewart
Tim Horton

Toss-up Norvell & Kiffin with some leanings towards Kiffin as short term fix assuming he has matured.
No for Fritz due to age & not enough positive history to be enough of an upgrade.
Definite no for Leach.
Assume Fuente, Drinkwitz & Holtz are off the list.
Add Lunney if he beats MO & LSU.

Far right (OPTIONS)------------------------------------------->

If Lunney beats LSU and Mizzou…he’s in!

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Sam Pittman

Campbell, then Leach, then Fritz, then Norvell???

Oh, and Gas, I hear he has a new agent, lol


Norvell and Leach win BIGLY today, Fritz beaten at Temple, Kiffin on Bye week.

Lane Kiffin

Why do we keep throwing Fritz name around? The other 3 are seriously being considered. Fritz maybe better than what I think of him, but nobody of importance is reporting anything about fritz and this job

And to be clear I’m not attacking anyone but I’ve noticed his name being brought up a lot on here and I haven’t really even seen any speculation that there is any progress being made between him and the university

Im in Ca and don’t know or hear anything but kinda sounds like the basketball hire with Muss? Doubt we here anything till a few days before it all goes down JMO

I vote for Rick Neuheisel.

Kevin Sumlin or Lane Kiffin…

Novell would be okay too.

Kevin Sumlin? Please sell me on him.

I thought his Aggie teams were undisciplined, lots of character problems/attrition, and he’s not performing well at Arizona.