Young is Elite, but I still wouldn't trade Jefferson!

That is all!


And the post game stated what I wondered the whole time: Why did we just rush 3 most of the game?


Didn’t make any difference how many we rushed. We got four sacks and Young had all the time he needed most of the rest of the time. And we couldn’t cover any of their receivers. You wonder how much difference Cat would have made.


Obviously we rush 3 cause our DC isnt any good.

CSP said he knows we need to get better in the secondary. I’m sure our weaknesses there dictate a whole lot of what we do. Despite what fans think, Odom is very good at what he does. So is Briles.


I agree

I wouldn’t. I like KJ and I’ll keep him.


I wouldn’t trade KJ for anyone.


Fixed it, HAHAHA


KJ would be Elite behind that OLine, too.

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I wouldn’t trade KJ for any QB in the country.


And it seemed like the few times we did blitz, we’re the plays that they threw incomplete


671 yards in total offense today. most since 2017.

They needed all those yds to barely beat us. And had 2 weeks to prepare for us.

Pick your poison. We played an elite QB.

Not a huge amount of difference, talent-wise, between Bama and LSU’s offense, until you look at QB. Yes, Bama has really good WRs, but LSU has talent and speed there. They don’t have a QB that is very good. RIght now. Bama has an elite QB. He did not make a mistake that I can recall all game long.

But, neither did KJ and he had a lesser OL, lesser WR (only Burks would see the field for Bama) and only pedestrian outcomes for the RBs (I don’t think they played badly, just not better than Bama’s front 7).

Seven walk-ons or former walk-ons have started for us this year. Tell me how that is supposed to beat Bama’s top 5 recruiting classes? Oh, yeah, heart, fight, conviction, strain, good coaching, and you get dang close.


Good post oklahawg


Indeed, a lot of heart. The grit shown by KJ and Burks. Keep adding these type of kids and we will be in the top ten soon.

I realize all the angst about the details, the X’s and O’s, this play and that play, etc.

I am just glad the team looks in the mirror and believes they are good enough to win. Then, when down, fight like hell to stay in it because they still believe they are good enough to win. Jeez, the emotional growth with this team is amazing. Many times over the past 4-5 years we have seen adversity turn potential All-SEC performers into intramural heroes, competition overwhelming UA’s roster save 2-3 on each side of the ball who truly have the moxie to be out there.

I flashed back to the Western KY game in Chad’s last year. The players clearly mailing it in, save a couple who had yeoman’s efforts because they just refuse to lose. We have a roster of “refuse to lose” and if they had a smidge more talent they would be rewarded with a couple of additional victories this year.

Things are good, and getting better. I am a happy fan tonight. When Saban came to Bama they were like 6-6 that first year. Give it time. The culture is the locker room is the #1 thing to point to for future success - it is right, and we are going places.


Young missed a couple of throws high early that could have resulted in interceptions with some luck on the tip drill. But those went away.

Great question regarding Cat. The ball thrown into the teeth of cover 2 should have been a pick, not a TD. If Cat is back there the results may have been significantly different.